Business Liaison/Business Unit


The Business Liaison Unit directly addresses the public safety needs of the City’s downtown business district, bordered by Church Street on the east, Texas Street on the west, Colton Avenue on the north and Olive Avenue on the south.

Sgt. D Ohlson, supervises the Business Liaison Unit. Officer MaziShahabi is currently assigned to the unit, which provides a visible presence in the downtown area, both night and day, on foot and bicycles, on two-wheeled motorized Segways, and in patrol cars.

The officers build relationships with the downtown businesses and use several different strategies to address the many issues that concern the downtown area. Those concerns include vehicle thefts and burglaries, shoplifting, vandalism, traffic and parking issues, panhandling and alcohol-related problems. The unit will also conduct security audits for downtown businesses at no cost to the business.

Business Watch

What is Business Watch?

Business Watch is a crime prevention program, which enlists the active participation of Business Owners in cooperation with Law Enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. Its purpose is to reduce crime-related financial losses to businesses and to reduce the fear of crime from both the business owner’s and the customers’ points of view.

As a partnership, Business Watch works by two-way communication between program members and the Redlands Police Department. Participants will receive a Free Security Assessment of their business. We will provide you with tips on how to make your business safe for customers and less appealing for criminals You will also be signed up for crime alerts allowing you to be alerted of current crime trends. By sharing information with other businesses, you will become more aware of what is happening in your area.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting started with Business Watch, please contact the Redlands Police Department Community Oriented Policing Division.

Please provide the following information: Business name, name of principal contact, business street address, business e-mail address and business phone number.

What happens next

A free security assessment will be conducted on site at your business by the Redlands Police Department. Your business will be checked for security weaknesses, and recommendations will be made on how to improve these conditions.

You will also be signed up for the Citizen Alert e-mail network which notifies program members about criminal activity. Alerts warn members about counterfeit bills, current business scams, shoplifters, area vandalism, and other topics of interest that may arise.

During the assessment, you will be provided a packet with crime prevention information, business contact information, alarm regulations and other ordinances that may affect your business.


Businesses are encouraged to notify the Redlands Police of crimes or suspicious activity at their location. Police will warn the other Business Watch members by forwarding that information over the program’s network.

Business Watch Concepts

Get to know the people who operate the neighboring businesses.

These are your neighbors for eight or more hours a day. Making personal contact with your neighbors is the best way to get acquainted. Make an effort to introduce yourself to others in the neighborhood. The better you know the people who work in your neighboring businesses, the more likely you – and they – are to look out for each other. So make personal contact and let them know you are a member of Business Watch. Talk about how you can work together to prevent crime and keep an eye on each other’s business.

Watch and report

If a situation is occurring at the moment but is not an emergency or it is something that occurred while your business was closed, call 909-798-7681.

Engrave your valuable office equipment

Use your tax identification number or California driver’s license number. Please DO NOT use your social security number.

Community Video Registry

Video surveillance is a powerful tool for safety and security, when used the right way.

The Redlands Police Department has successfully implemented several video systems, and keeps pace with the current technology and “best practices” in deploying and managing video systems. The Community Video Registry seeks to expand our partnership with businesses and organizations in our community that either have a video system, or are seeking information on how to add an effective video system to their security plan.

Contact Us

Business Watch Works!

For more information, call the Redlands Police Department’s Community Oriented Policing Department at (909) 798-7534

Unit supervisor:

Sgt. Derek Ohlson

Officer Mazi Shahabi

The officers can be reached at 798-7681 or by e-mail at