Bulky Item Special Pickup


How to schedule a free Bulky Item collection pick-up - 

Please call Customer Service at (909) 798-7529 on the FIRST BUSINESS DAY of the month or visit our office at 35 Cajon St, Ste 15-A

If you do not want to wait for the “free” bulky item collection, you can schedule a “Special Haul” bulky item collection any day of the week. **There is a cost associated with this service. 

First item – $47.68 and each additional item thereafter is $23.84

Hours of Operation: Call Center 8:00am – 5:00pm; Lobby 8:00am - 4:30pm. Both are Monday thru Friday, with alternating Fridays closed.


Any item that does not fit into your regular solid waste container (automated, commercial bin or can), and is not considered a banned item (i.e., hazardous waste), can be collected from your curbside for a fee.

  • Single-family residential customers receive ONE* free bulky item pickups per year with up to three items per collection.
  • Solid waste crews cannot go inside of a building or residence to collect special haul items.
  • Bulky item special hauls must be scheduled in advance, with the material ready for collection on the agreed day.

Many times your waste is someone else’s treasure. Before you consider disposing of it, why not try to recycle it? The Solid Waste Division’s Customer Service Representatives are happy to assist you with referral sources for hundreds of every-day household items that are recyclable.

*Currently bulky items have been reduced to one time per year for the time being.

Informational Flyer for Bulky Item Pickup