Skatepark reopens; other facilities also set for reopening

A young man rides his scooter at the Redlands Skatepark.

In keeping with State and County public health recommendations, City staff are working on plans to reopen several City facilities and loosen restrictions on others. Users are encouraged to continue to maintain appropriate physical distancing and wear face coverings when in close contact with people outside their own household.

On Wednesday, May 27, the Redlands Skate Park was reopened after more than two months. Basketball courts at several Redlands parks will be reopened by the end of the week.

In addition, tennis and pickle ball courts, which were initially reopened in April but limited to use by people from the same household, will now be open without restriction.

The Redlands Dog Park, at the northwest end of Ford Park, which has been closed for reseeding, is expected to be reopened to the public on June 1.

City staff members are also working with local vendors to reopen the Saturday Morning Farmers Market in the parking lot on Redlands Boulevard between Fifth and Sixth streets by June 20 or sooner.

High-risk individuals, and anyone who is sick, should continue to follow strict safe-at-home guidelines.

Additional information and updates are available on the County’s COVID-19 web page at or at the City of Redlands COVID-19 page at