A reminder to residents and businesses to continue following public health mandates

Sign in a shop window that reads, "Sorry, we're closed" and text saying, "Slow the Spread of Covid-19"

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to engulf our country, we feel acutely the effects on the health and safety of our friends and neighbors as well as the economic struggle felt by businesses and employees in Redlands.  With the number of confirmed cases in the county doubling every 10 days and the growing number of deaths from the virus, it is clear that it is not yet time to relax our vigilance.

We recognize the sacrifice that everyone is making, staying home, maintaining physical distancing, practicing good hygiene and, importantly, providing for one another. We are all working together, doing our best to comply with the recommendations of public health authorities at the county, state and federal level to bring this pandemic under control. Our public safety employees – police officers and firefighters – and our local health care workers are especially grateful for your efforts as they put their own health, and that of their families, at risk for the rest of us.

We are aware that as the pain of the state and county stay-at-home orders grows, there are some business owners in our City who are eager to reopen their doors, potentially disregarding the public health mandates put in place to protect all of us. While we have profound sympathy for those business owners, we are also deeply concerned that such actions could actually prolong the distress and put all of our residents at greater risk.

As a reminder, City staff continues to monitor compliance with state and county public health orders. Business tenants and property owners found in violation of public health orders could face misdemeanor charges and be subject to a fine of $1,000 per day and six months in jail. Property owners could also be subject to liens on their property over any unpaid fines.

We urge all of our residents and businesses to continue to abide by the State and County public health orders until such time as they are rescinded. Shelter in place; abide by all public health guidance for essential businesses and keep all non-essential businesses closed until the public health orders are lifted. The City Council and staff will continue working with our county partners to lift restrictions as it is safe to do so and to find assistance for those who are most affected by the shutdown. Through widespread compliance we will flatten the curve and begin our recovery.

Until then, residents can still support our local businesses in several ways. Continue to patronize those essential local businesses that have stayed open through curbside pickup, takeout or delivery services. Also, please join us in the Shop It Forward program, paying for gifts, services and experiences now, for delivery later. Learn more at www.RedlandsShopItForward.com. Local businesses can also go to the site to join the Shop It Forward program.