Redlands Community Foundation launches Meals for Seniors program


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, many Redlands senior citizens continue to need assistance.

The Redlands Community Senior Center and Family Services are currently distributing 120 meal packages to seniors every Wednesday at the center.

But the needs of low-income seniors and those at high risk, unable to leave their homes, is growing.

To assist, the City of Redlands Senior Services Division has teamed with the Redlands Community Foundation to establish a “Meals for Seniors Fund.”

Donations to the fund are used to provide a Meals on Wheels service with Senior Services Division employees and volunteers delivering lunch and providing a daily welfare check-in Monday through Friday. Every $30 donation provides meals for one senior citizen for a week. A separate supplemental package including food and sanitation supplies is also available for pickup at the senior center.

Donations to the Meals for Seniors fund may be made on line at:

Donations may also be made payable to the Redlands Community Foundation and mailed to:   PO Box 8908, Redlands, CA 92375.

Contact your tax professional to determine if your donation is tax deductible.