Parks and trails open to those within walking distance


In keeping with orders issued by the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health on Tuesday, April 7, the City of Redlands has closed or restricted access to parking facilities at all City parks. Under the April 7 order “parking lots at all parks and/or trails shall be closed and shall be accessible only by members of the public within walking distance of the parks and/or trails.”

Further, under the order, parks and trails are to be used “solely for walking, hiking, equestrian or bicycle riding. The public shall not congregate or participate in group sporting activities at such parks and/or trails.”

Last month, the City closed or cordoned off all City sports courts and playground equipment, including the Skate Park, tennis and pickle ball courts and basketball courts. All City parks remain open. Residents are reminded to exercise social distancing and to wear facial coverings when using the parks or trails.