County issues new omnibus public health order


(April 18, 2020) In our mission to serve, protect and respect our residents, employees and businesses, the County today enacted an omnibus COVID-19 health order that helps clarify items related to public safety directives.

Highlights of the new order include:

* Face coverings are not required for drivers traveling alone or with members of their households, unless they must lower their windows to interact with someone who is not a member of their household.

* A face covering is not required for solitary outdoor activity or for members of the same household engaging in outdoor activity. If others are present, regardless of social distancing, a face covering is required.

* Businesses may refuse service to those without face coverings.

* Individual cities and park operators have jurisdiction in managing parking areas, deciding whether they remain open, and ensuring safe social distancing.

The state has declared that drive-in worship services are allowed “as long as the individuals engaged in such services abide by physical distancing guidelines and refrain from direct and indirect physical touching of others ”

The entire County health order can be read here, The new order replaces most previous health orders and provides directives to help residents, service providers, and businesses work together to slow the spread of the virus, head-off the overloading of our healthcare system, and save lives.