Violin Lessons
Redlands Senior Center


The Redlands Community Senior Center  invites you to a free violin class offered to all patrons interested in learning a new instrument. Learn how to hold the bow, hold the violin, and read music. Practice is key – the more you practice the better you will be!

The instructor provides violin lessons covering proper violin techniques, classical violin training, musicianship, and repertoire.

For those new to the program, ask for a consultation appointment to talk with our instructor prior to committing to scheduled lessons. You can call the community center at (909) 798 7579 to get in contact with our instructor. New participants must also fill out Violin Repertoire Planner. 

Location: Redlands Community Senior Center Ages: 55+ Fee: Free



30 mins per session between 8:30 am – 11:00 am 

Session must be scheduled ahead of time.

Call the Redlands Senior Center at (909) 798-7579 to register

Expectations: Adult students will commit to attend weekly lessons and to practice daily at
home. The student will bring the following to each lesson:

1. Their music stand, music materials, violin, bow, a fitted shoulder rest, rosin, and tuner in
a violin case. The violin and bow both need to be in good playing condition.


2. Maintenance: If an instrument has not been used regularly, refurbishing, repairs,
replacement of strings or other adjustments may be essential. Violin repairs or general
maintenance may be necessary, so that the violin is functional.


3. New violins will need to be set up by a violin technician before they are playable. The
sound post, bridge, pegs, and strings need to be set properly and adjusted.