Water Quality Management Plans


All Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP) submitted to the City of Redlands shall use the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program Water Quality Management Plan Template, 2012 version.

The City of Redlands, along with 16 other cities, the County of San Bernardino and the County of San Bernardino Flood Control District developed this template to meet the requirements of the current General Stormwater Permit. This template has been reviewed and approved for use by the State Water Quality Control Board. Submittals will not be accepted using any other template.

The City of Redlands requires that the project proponent shall submit a “preliminary project specific” WQMP as early in the entitlement process as possible. The “preliminary project specific” WQMP shall address the project’s quality and quantity of stormwater runoff. It gives the applicant a chance to illustrate that Low Impact Development (LID) concepts have been utilized, the basic design is sound and any assumptions made for the project are valid.

The level of detail in a Preliminary WQMP shall be sufficient to demonstrate that the selected BMPs have the capacity to treat the expected runoff. To achieve this, any pertinent hydrology calculations and all treatment control BMP sizing and design calculations are expected to be included in the Preliminary WQMP.

In addition, enough detail of the site, including proposed elevations or contours, typical sections or details of infiltration beds used for BMPs, outlets and inlets and other treatment or control devices need to be shown. As an example, if infiltration is one the BMPs to be used, a soils report or percolation/infiltration study should be included (if available) or a percolation/infiltration study in the proximity of the site or the SCS soils type (A, B, C or D) should be shown; if a BMP based on flow is called out, contact times and flow rates should be shown.

For the purposes of the City of Redlands, a Preliminary WQMP will contain all the required elements of a Final WQMP with the notable exceptions of the Conditions of Approval, required signatures, and the BMP fact and educational sheets. These items may be deferred until the Final WQMP. This does not mean that every detail need be complete, but enough detail must be there to determine how the treatment of the storm water will be accomplished and how the storm water will be delivered to the BMPs.

As part of the Final WQMP approval, the City approved, signed and notarized, Stormwater Treatment Device & Control Measure Access and Maintenance Agreement and a CD-ROM containing the full Final WQMP including signature pages, exhibits, maps and the Maintenance Agreement in PDF format must be included.

The City of Redlands will not issue a building or grading permit prior to approval of the Final WQMP.

WQMP templates for the Santa Ana Watershed and the technical guidance document - WQMP templates for the Santa Ana Watershed and the technical guidance document for WQMP. Appendix B is an editable copy of the WQMP template.