Sustainable Mobility Plan (2021)


The Sustainable Mobility Plan (SMP) promotes citywide walking, biking, and transit connections for all residents, including communities that currently have limited access and choices. The SMP outlines a strategy that includes balancing street design for use by people, cars, bicyclists, children, seniors, and bus/rail users.

The SMP coordinates with other City plans such as the Bicycle Master Plan, the Orange Blossom Trail Plan, Transit Villages Specific Plan, and will help implement the environmental goals in the Climate Action Plan. This Plan will expand the range of transportation options for residents, improve equity for disadvantaged communities, and ensure interconnectivity between key destinations and public transit routes.

The Goals of the Sustainable Mobility Plan:

  • Expand options for active transportation in Redlands
  • Build a safer multi-modal network
  • Provide greater access to currently undeserved communities
  • Encourage more sustainable transportation patterns
  • Improve public health

Sustainable Mobility Plan (SMP 2021)click here