Procurement Code of Standards and Ethics


City of Redlands, Purchasing Division
Procurement Code of Standards and Ethics

Redlands Municipal Code 2.16.050

Purchasing standards and ethics

The purchasing office and all other employees involved in the procurement of goods, services and construction will be conducted with absolute integrity. The very highest ethical standards will be maintained in all material activities. The purchasing office and all other employees will be constantly aware of their responsibilities in spending public funds and subscribe to the principles and standards as advocated by the National Association Of Purchasing Management and the California Association Of Public Purchasing Officers. Some of these principles and standards are as follows:

  1. Regard public service as a sacred trust, giving primary consideration to the interests of the city.
  2. Purchase the best value obtainable, securing the maximum benefit for each tax dollar expended.
  3. Allow for full and open competition and not participate in uniform bidding.
  4. Know and respect their obligations to the public, private sector and using agencies.
  5. Accord vendor representatives courteous treatment remembering that they are important sources of information and assistance in buying decisions.
  6. Strive constantly for greater knowledge of purchasing methods and of the goods and services to be procured.
  7. Conduct themselves with fairness and dignity, and demand honesty in buying and selling.
  8. Cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in enhancing the development and standing of the purchasing profession.
  9. Remember that their conduct reflects on the city and the entire purchasing profession.