Flood Control Master Plan (2014)


The City of Redlands Master Plan of Storm Drainage covers the City and adjacent areas that are tributary to the major regional flood control facilities that traverse through the City. The purpose of the Master Plan is to:

  • Provide comprehensive long-range planning for the implementation and development of drainage facility improvements in the area,
  • Determine the cost of implementing the facilities, and
  • Discuss funding priorities of the improvements.

Since the City of Redlands does not have a Design Manual for Drainage Facilities, the County of San Bernardino standards were used as a basis for the criteria used in this Master Plan of Drainage.

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Technical Appendices

Appendix A: Hydrology (CD) 
  A.1 – Rational Method County Files (AMC II) - 100-, 25-, 10-year
  A.2 – Rational Method County “Modified” Files - 100-, 25-, 10-year
  A.3 – Opal Basin Hydrology (AMC II) 100-year
  A.4 – Downtown Area Hydrology

Appendix B: Hydraulics 
  B.1 – WSPGW Hydraulic Calculations (Main Storm Drain Lines) - Exist. Capacity
  B.1 – WSPGW Hydraulic Calculations (Main Storm Drain Lines) - Proposed
  B.2 – Normal Depth Calculations (Collector Storm Drains)
  B.3 – Flooded Width Analysis (Excel)
  B.4 – XP-SWMM Analysis

Appendix C: Cost Estimates 
  C.1 - Detailed Cost Spreadsheets
  C.2 - Costs Per Watershed

Appendix D: Storm Drain Priority Rankings 
  Priority Rankings

Appendix E: Green Initiatives  
  Green Initiatives