Erosion Control Plans


All grading plans within the City of Redlands require an accompanying set of “stand alone” Erosion Control Plans. The City’s project engineer may waive the “stand alone” requirement if it is determined that the scope of grading, site conditions or other factors outweigh the usefulness of a separate set of Erosion Control Plans. In this event, erosion control methods and devices may be shown on the grading plans.

Erosion Control Plans shall contain a current copy of the City of Redlands Erosion Control Notes.

Unless otherwise allowed by the City’s project engineer, Erosion Control Plans shall be on a 24”x36” sheet at a scale similar to or the same as the project’s grading or precise grading plans. Erosion Control Plans shall show all proposed structures, elevations or contours, flow direction arrows and any applicable construction notes. A vicinity map will also be shown on the plan. Line work and/or labeling shall be used to distinguish between existing and proposed features.

Erosion control devices shall be clearly labeled, either by construction note or text. If the erosion control device is one of the CASQA recognized BMPs, the BMP number shall be included. BMPs from other sources, such as Caltrans or other agencies, shall be labeled with their source as well as their BMP number. BMPs shall be from one agency only and not a mixture from varying sources.

Any modification of a BMP will require a detail on the plans showing and noting the modification.

The City of Redlands Erosion Control Notes can be found on the City’s website. Click on in the “Municipal Utilities & Engineering”, then “Engineering”, then “Design and Construction Guidelines” and finally on “To view the PW Standards”.