Conservation Programs

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Irrigation Timer Scheduling Assistance

With mandatory watering restrictions and irrigation limitations in effect, some customers have had difficulties setting their irrigation timers. Let us help! City staff will teach you how to program your timer and help you review it for accuracy. Additionally, City staff will provide further guidance on proper time duration. This service is free to Redlands water customers and can be scheduled at 909-798-7527 x2. 

Free Water Use Analysis

The City of Redlands offers free water use analysis’ to customers within their service area. Upon request, Water Conservation staff will conduct a site visit to discuss any needs or questions you may have on reducing water consumption.  If interested, please contact the Water Conservation Division at 909-798-7527 x2. 

Rebate Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  staff will accept time-stamped photos in lieu of the in-person pre-inspection for timer, washer, and toilet rebates. Photos must be approved by staff to be considered eligible. Make sure to have approval before discarding appliances or beginning work. 

Turf removal and irrigation nozzle rebates still require an in-person preinspection.

Please email or call 909-798-7527 ext.2 to coordinate the rebate application process with staff.

Rules and Qualifications
  • Participants must be a City of Redlands (City) water customer, and the project site must be located within the City’s service area.
  • Rebate eligibility requires pre-inspection prior to beginning of work and post-inspection after work commences to ensure implementation and use of rebated products (Work done prior to pre-inspections are not eligible). Inspections are provided free of charge to customers.
  • Customer must provide the City with itemized dated purchase receipt(s) for any product included in this program.
  • All applications must be complete and signed for rebate eligibility.
  • Complete applications must include a completed Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-9.
    • For Small Grove Irrigation Retrofit: If a customer receives more than $600 in rebate credit within a calendar year, the IRS requires a Form 1099 be issued. This line item is subject to change pending IRS requirements.
  • Rebates will not exceed the purchase amount of the product.
  • Rebates will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds for the fiscal year are exhausted. Eligibility lists for future incentives/rebates will not be maintained.
  • Additional eligibility requirements listed within the incentive item description must be met to receive rebate for items.
  • After validation of purchase and installation of eligible product, customer will receive a rebate in the form of a credit to their utility bill. Providing customer remains an active customer, the credit will roll over onto the next bill until exhausted. If an account is closed and a balance credit remains, a cash credit will not be given. However, a balance credit can roll over to a new account providing the new account is opened at the closing of the first account and the account holder is the same. 
  • Work must take place within 90 days after pre-inspection clearance. If post-inspection or request for extension is not completed within 90 days, money allocated for the customer’s project will be redirected back into available funds and another rebate. Upon request, one 30-day extension will be given.

*Small Grove Irrigation System Retrofit rebates has limited funding. Item will be discontinued when funds are exhausted.

**Additional products that can prove to reduce water consumption are also available for rebate. This allows Redlands customers, particularly in the industrial and commercial uses, to explore ways to improve water efficiency in their businesses. 

Rebate application to print and mail in

IRS W-9 form

Outdoor Water Saving Rebates

High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles

High efficiency sprinklers are designed to reduce water waste and can be either rotary or spray heads. Instead of a fixed stream of water, rotary heads deliver multiple streams, reducing water waste. Rotary heads also deliver a wider stream and distribute less precipitation, decreasing overspray and runoff. Newer spray heads are designed to distribute water more efficiently and with more precision while using less water. Increase in water droplet size in newer spray heads reduces overspray while increasing droplets applied to vegetation. 

  • For rebate eligibility, high efficiency sprinklers must: 
    • Be new; and have documentation (spec sheet, pamphlet, sticker, etc.) signifying water efficiency.
    •  Additionally, there is no minimum sprinkler requirement to be eligible for rebate, however all sprinklers on an individual valve circuit must be replaced at the same time with the same model sprinkler for effective conservation and matched precipitation.

​Weather Based Irrigation Controller

Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) improve irrigation efficiency by reducing or eliminating irrigation run times based on weather. WBICs have a weather based component that tracks current weather conditions by use of a weather sensor and will turn off or modify irrigation if precipitation is present or irrigation is not needed. Some advanced WBICs also have the capability of not only irrigating based on weather but on soil, plant type, and slope as well. 

  • To be eligible for rebate, WBICs must be:
    • New
    • Capable of odd/even day irrigation scheduling
    • Replace an operable automated irrigation controller
    • Include a weather sensor OR the purchase and installation of a weather sensor that is compatible with the existing irrigation timer, thus making it a weather-based irrigation controller.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought tolerant plant conversions not only require 75% less water than traditional turf grass lawns but they can be a beautiful habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies. Drought tolerant plant conversions are eligible for rebate if replacing grass lawns only. Brown lawns will be eligible for the rebate, however, yards that are mostly dirt and weeds are not eligible for a rebate.

  • Further eligibility requirements for this rebate are:
    • Customer must provide list of plants that they will be using at time of pre-inspection
    • All plant material must be low water use and listed on
    • Areas not covered by plant material must be covered with a water and air permeable weed block material
    • Base of all plants must be covered with 2” of mulch (minimum) to ensure retention of moisture
    • All sprinklers must be capped and replaced with drip or micro sprinkler irrigation
    • For conversions in areas zoned residential, the use of decorative rock, gravel or hardscape in landscape within the front yard shall be consistent with Redlands Municipal Code Section 18.168.120 and all other applicable codes.

Irrigation-less Groundcover Conversion

Irrigation-less groundcover conversions eliminate substantial amounts of water used for turf irrigation. Watering costs and turf maintenance may also be reduced. In order to qualify grass must be present at the pre-inspection. Brown lawns will be eligible for the rebate, however, yards that are mostly dirt and weeds are not eligible for a rebate.

  • To be eligible for rebate:
    • Conversion must be approved by applicable homeowners associations prior to work beginning
    • A water and air permeable weed blocking material must cover the area beneath groundcover
    • Irrigation must be capped or removed
    • For conversions in areas zoned residential, the use of decorative rock, gravel or hardscape in landscape within the front yard shall be consistent with Redlands Municipal Code Section 18.168.120 and all other applicable codes
    • Additionally, irrigation-less groundcover must
      • Be water and air permeable*
      • Be installed by the homeowner or licensed contractor
      • Replace living, irrigated turf
      • Require zero water use.

*Solid concrete is not eligible for rebate. If bricks/pavers are used, they must be spaced at least ¼” apart to ensure water percolation.

Small Grove Irrigation System Retrofit

For rebate eligibility, at pre-inspection groves must:

  • Currently irrigate using spray heads, rotary heads, rotors, soaker hoses, or flood irrigation
  • Irrigate twenty or more fruit trees
  • Contain healthy trees
  • To receive post-inspection approval:
  • Grass and mulches must be cleared from the base of the tree (should not encroach within the canopy line of a tree)
  • Installation of weather based irrigation controller (WBIC)
  • Capping or removal of previous irrigation system and replaced with drip irrigation
  • Copy of receipts
  • Completed water audit with City staff.

Indoor Water Saving Rebates

High Efficiency Toilet

High efficiency toilets (HETs) are toilets that have a low volume flush of 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) or less.

  • For rebate eligibility, all HETs must be:
    • New
    • WaterSense certified and currently listed on
    • Replacing models using 3.5 GPF or greater
    • 1.28 GPF or less
High Efficiency Washing Machine

High efficiency washing machines (HEWs) yield savings in both water and electricity. HEW’s maximum water factor is 6 (gallons per cycle per cubic foot) and use 40% less water than conventional washing machines. Reduction in water usage also reduces energy usage.

  • For rebate eligibility, all HEWs must:
    • Be new
    • Be a current Energy Star qualified clothes washing machine, as found at
    • Have a water factor of 6 or less per load
    • Replace a unit that uses a higher water factor than 6 per load