Conservation in Education


Check out the activities below to learn how water impacts your life!

Eye Spy

Eye Spy (English) Eye Spy (Español)

Water Cycle Puzzle

Puzzle (English) Puzzle (Español)

Water Filtration

Water Filtration Page 1 Water Filtration Page 2

Water System Maze

Maze (English) Maze (Español)

Groundwater Filtration

Groundwater Demonstration Water Filtration Page 2

Water Cycle Coloring Page

Coloring Sheet (English) Coloring Sheet (Español)

Inland Solar Challenge

The mission of the Inland Solar Challenge (ISC) event is to expand the horizon of education through hands-on activities, allowing students to create innovative ideas, while providing a positive forum to implement their problem-solving and creativity skills. 

The ISC gathers high school students from across the Inland Empire to build and race sixteen foot boats equipped with solar technology.

This three day event, held at Yucaipa Regional Park, includes an endurance, slalom and sprint race. In the months before the event, teams must prepare two technical reports and a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about water conservation. Students are also required to present their PSA at the event. The team with the most points overall wins the competition.

Once built, teams take the boats back to their schools where they spend many hours fitting them with the required technology. During this time students fine tune their designs to prepare for competition.

The high schools provide the classroom space to work on the boats, while motivated instructors help the students get the most out of this learning experience.