Community Survey


For the third consecutive year, Redlands residents will be asked to provide their feedback about living in Redlands. What are the best parts of our City? How important are City services? What changes would you like to see? Each year, results from the National Community Survey provide an increasingly vivid and comprehensive picture of the community’s vision for their City.

During the first weeks of August, randomly selected households, representing a cross section of the City’s population, will receive the National Community Survey and giving them the opportunity to provide direct input to the local government decision-making process.

City staff worked with independent consultant Polco to develop the survey instrument, which allows the City to compare results and benchmark residents’ opinions against other communities across the country, as well as against the 2021 and 2022 Redlands Community Survey. The survey includes questions about quality of life, important characteristics of the community, services provided by Redlands and priorities for the future. The survey is available online in English and Spanish.

Residents with questions about the survey may contact Project Manager Ross Wittman by phone at (909) 335-4728 or by email at

The English portion of the Redlands Community Survey can be found here:

The Spanish portion of the Redlands Community Survey can be found here:

About The National Community Survey™ (The NCS™): The NCS was among the first scientific surveys developed to gather resident opinion on a range of community issues, and has been used in more than 350 jurisdictions across 46 states. The NCS is a cost-effective survey of resident opinion and an important benchmarking tool that allows for comparison among communities. Communities using The NCS have reported that the tool improved service delivery, strengthened communications with community stakeholders and helped leaders identify clear priorities for use in strategic planning and budget setting. The NCS is the only resident survey endorsed by the International City/County Management Association and the National League of Cities.

About Polco: ( Polco was developed to quickly deploy and analyze surveys online, providing the agility to gather critical information from community stakeholders throughout the nation. The company has created tools for governments, economic development organizations and nonprofits to measure community livability. Respondents to The NCS are asked to join the City’s Polco panel to see the survey results and continue to engage with the City on future research.