Cemetery Service Fees


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This list of most frequently purchased items is provided for the convenience of the families we serve.

The prices are effective as of December 7, 2016, but are subject to change without notice.

There are four steps to coordinating cemetery services…

Step 1. Selecting Your Choice of Property

  • Hillside Mausoleum Crypts Range from $13,300 – $19,720

List of Basic, Traditional and Premium Rates

  • Hillside Mausoleum Granite Front Niches Range from $5,200 - $5,600
  • Redlands Mausoleum Glass Front Niches Range from $5,030 - $17,480

** All Niche Sales include 2 Inurnment Rights

Step 2. Opening and Closing of the Property

List of Opening and Closing fees

Step 3. Selecting an Outer Burial Container

List of Outer Burial Container Costs

Step 4. Memorialization

Families pay for the setting of their selected memorial within our facility. We do not offer memorial options to families as current California Laws prohibit Public Cemeteries from selling memorials. The following are the fees that are associated to the setting of
certain memorials:

List of Memorial Installation Costs

The following is a list of Ancillary Items frequently used at the cemetery office:

List of Miscellaneous charges