Utilities Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have an extension on paying my municipal services bill?

Most of the time we can accommodate an extension of your municipal services bill when requested.

However, it is very important that you contact the Customer Service Office to make these arrangements in advance of your final due date.

Your account will still be subject to all applicable late charges and fees during this extension, but your municipal utility services will not be turned-off for non-payment, as long as your delinquent balance is paid in full by the final due date. If your service is disconnected, additional fees will apply and must be paid before service will be restored.

My water usage seems too high, can you tell me why?

If your water usage seems too high, we will review your previous consumption history, and if the current meter read is higher than the previous 3 years history, we will prepare a work order to have your meter reread and your service checked for leaks.

I never received my municipal services bill, can you send me another?

We are happy to email or mail a duplicate municipal services bill, and we can also let you know when your next municipal services bill will be mailed to you. Also, as an added convenience, you can access your account via Redconnect. Redconnect is a web-based service that provides you real-time 24/7 access to your City of Redlands municipal service account information. With Redconnect, you can view your account balance, water consumption, service order history, request a payment extension, sign-up for e-bill, print a duplicate copy of your bill.

When will my next municipal services bill be mailed?

Municipal services bills are mailed every week to different areas of the city. If you provide us with your address, we can tell you when yours will be mailed, or if you sign-up for Redconnect, you can access this information 24/7.

My neighbor has six (6) members in the family and I only have only two (2). Why is my water usage higher?

Most of the water usage is consumed by watering lawns, not in personal water use for bathing, washing dishes and drinking. Perhaps you have a larger yard than your neighbor or water your lawn more often or for longer periods of time.

Is there an additional fee for returned checks?

Yes, the fee for a returned payment is $35.00, and must be paid at the time the check is redeemed.

Is the property owner responsible for a tenant’s unpaid municipal services bills when the account is in the property owner’s name?


What utilities are included on my City of Redlands municipal services bill?

Your municipal services bill includes water, sewer (if you are connected), solid waste disposal (except for areas outside the city limits), street cleaning services and household hazardous waste disposal for customers residing inside the city limits. Customers outside the city limits are billed for water and sewer if the property is connected to sewer.

What does “Water Service Charge” mean on my municipal services bill?

This is a bi-monthly service charge that is based upon the size of your water meter. This charge is in addition to your “Water Usage Charge” which is based upon the actual water that passed through your meter.

What is the process to open/close an account?

The City of Redlands requires a pre-payment from all residential customers who have not established credit with the City. Established credit is defined as one year of service with a satisfactory payment record. The pre-payment is based on a sum equal to three times the average or estimated monthly charges for the premise you are requesting services for.

The pre-payment will be credited to your account at the end of one year provided a satisfactory payment record is maintained by paying all of your municipal services bills by the due date. The application can be started over the telephone, but the pre-payment must be received prior to the start of service.

The following information is needed to open an account: Social Security Number/Tax Payer ID Number, Drivers License Number, Telephone Number, Mailing Address if different than the Service Address. If you are renting, we will need the Name, Address and Telephone Number of your landlord. We will also need the name and phone number of your Employer.

What is the process to close an account?

An account may be closed by verifying pertinent information from the account and providing a forwarding address for the final closing bill and possible credit .

Why do I have to pay a prepayment before I can turn the water on?

The Redlands Municipal Code requires a prepayment from all customers who have not established credit with the city. Established credit is defined as one year of service with a satisfactory payment record. A satisfactory payment record is achieved by paying your municipal services bills on or before the due date.

Is the prepayment refundable?

The pre-payment will be refunded at the end of one year, in the form of a credit on your municipal services bill, provided that a satisfactory payment record is maintained by paying your municipal services bills on or before the due date.

What if I discontinue municipal utility service prior to one year?

If you request your utility services to be discontinued prior to one year, you will receive a refund check for your full pre-payment less any amount due on your final closing bill.

I have a leak on my property can someone from the City fix it?

The City will repair leaks within the meter box that are NOT on the customer’s side of the meter. Leaks on the customer’s side of the meter are the responsibility of the property owner. 

I don’t think my meter is read because there are all kinds of debris in the meter box. Why don’t the meter readers clean out my meter box?

Meter readers have a tool they use to remove the dirt from the glass lid which enables them to obtain the read, it is not necessary to remove the dirt from around the meter to obtain the read. We can have someone meet with you and show you how they read your meter and verify that the read is accurate.

A water pipe is leaking in my house and I need my water turned off. I don’t know where the shut off valve is, can you help me?

Most newer homes have an individual shut off valve on the outside of the house, usually on the same line as an outside faucet and also ball valves located in the meter box that the customer can operate themselves. Ball valves are located on the customer’s side of the meter inside the meter box. Ball valves have a long handle that when in the “on” position, is in a straight line with the supply line. 

When it is in the “off” position, the handle is at a right angle to the supply line. To operate one of these valves, it needs to be turned 1/4 turn to the right to turn it on, and 1/4 to the left to turn it off. If there is not a ball valve by the meter, the customer will need to locate their house valve. House valves are usually located next to an outside faucet in the front of the house. The house valve can be either a ball valve or a gate valve. The gate valve will have a round handle and needs to be turned a number of times to operate. The general rule of thumb for operation is “right makes it tight and left makes it loose”. This means you turn the valve to the right (clockwise) to turn it off and turn to the left to turn it on (counter clockwise).

When turning water back on with a gate valve, turn it on very slowly and when you start to hear water running through the line stop and wait until you can no longer hear water running and then continue to open the valve fully. Once the valve is opened up, back it off a 1/4 turn (to the left) to prevent the valve from sticking. When using a ball valve, turn it on slowly and wait until you can no longer hear water running and then turn it on all the way. Ball valves do not need to be backed off. On some older homes, there is not a shut off valve and a City Water Service Worker must be dispatched to turn off the water.

Can you turn off my water so I can repair a leak?

Yes. City water crews are available from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed on alternate Fridays, click here to view the Civic Center Calendar) to turn water on and off so that repairs can be made. To request an emergency turn-off after business hours, or on weekends and holidays, contact the Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7681.

What are your business hours?

The lobby is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and the call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and every other Friday.  Click here to view the Civic Center Calendar.

What is the City’s mailing address?

For payments you should use P.O. Box 6903, Redlands, CA 92375, or for your convenience, we have an after-hours payment drop box located outside of the City’s Revenue Office, 35 Cajon St., Suite 15 B. For all other correspondence, please use P.O. Box 3005, Redlands, CA 92373.

Would the City of Redlands be interested in purchasing my mutual water company stock, well or other water rights?

Please call (909) 798-7553 for inquiries related to this matter.