Redlands Emergency Communications Group


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Part 97, Sub-part E of the Commission’s Rules provide for the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).  The purpose of RACES is to provide communication support to government during periods of local, regional or national emergency.  Redlands Emergency Communications Group RACES members are amateurs only in the respect that they may not receive compensation for their contributions.  They are, however, professionals in their ability to provide many diverse forms of electronic communications such as voice, digital (packet, CW, RTTY, radio fax, etc.) and ATV (amateur television) under less than ideal conditions, if so equipped and staffing available.

Redlands Emergency Communications Group is composed of FCC licensed amateur radio operators who have volunteered their capabilities and equipment under the provisions of the San Bernardino County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service Plan.  Additionally they have supplied all pertinent information necessary to complete their application and have completed a Loyalty Oath/Affirmation.  RECG members are registered and sworn as Disaster Service Workers as defined by California State Law and County Ordinance 21.018 (b) and are issued identification cards by the City of Redlands.

Purpose RECG primary function is to provide supplemental communication assistance to agencies of the City of Redlands in the event of a disaster, emergency or other designated event.  Provisions are made for testing the skills of RECG members by regular communications training.

Duties and Responsibilities:  It is the responsibility of the general membership to insure that they are adequately trained to respond to requests from government.  This includes but is not limited to participation in weekly nets, local or regional drills, training exercises, meetings and proper operation of their station and equipment.  Regular training will be made available to all members on an ongoing basis.  Inactive members are considered inadequately trained and their membership will be deactivated.

If this sounds like the kind of group you are interested in, we invite your inquiry and participation. Members are expected to participate in training, such as CERT, First Aid, CPR, and various ICS courses. Most all training is available at no cost and is often times scheduled as part of our regular meetings.

Redlands Emergency Communications Group


WEEKLY NET: Monday at 1945 hours (local time)
 147.180 + PL: 88.5 

Second Monday of every other month at 1800 hours
Redlands Senior Center, 111 W. Lugonia Av Redlands, CA 92374

For More Information Contact:

Esther Martinez, Emergency Operations Specialist

Phone: 909-307-7313


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