Frequently Asked Questions


Can I arrange for a tour at the Fire Station for my child’s school?

Yes, tours can be arranged for various groups such as schools and youth groups. Please call (909) 798-7600 to schedule your Station Tour or Apparatus Demonstration

How can I get a copy of a fire incident report?

Fire Incident Reports are requested via Public Records Request.

Can I select a specific date and time for my tour?

Yes, however the crews that conduct the tours are also on duty and may have to respond to any and all emergencies that they are called to. Therefore, your tour may get interrupted. Also, please be aware that some days and times are better to schedule than others. For example, Saturday mornings are very busy for the Redlands Fire Department as we operate the household hazardous waste program with on-duty crews. Because of this, many pieces of firefighting equipment would not be available for your group to view and there is a great likelihood that those providing the tour will be pulled away to an emergency.

Can our group just show up for a tour?

Because we do get a lot of requests for Station Tours and Apparatus Demonstrations, it is requested that you make plans 2 weeks prior to your visit. This will allow the fire department the best opportunity to schedule a tour for your group. We do our best to ensure that as many fire trucks are available for your group to see.

Can my child slide the pole?

Unfortunately we DO NOT allow non-firefighters to slide the pole.

Can I drop off my used needles at a Redlands Fire Station?

City of Redlands residents who use hypodermic needles for any medical condition, including administering pet medications may drop off approved sharps containers (no juice bottles, coffee cans, etc.) at the Household Hazardous Waste site operated by San Bernardino County from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturdays at 500 Kansas St. in Redlands or Monday through Friday at the San Bernardino County Fire Department Household Hazardous Waste Division site at 2824 E. “W” St., Bldg. 302 at the San Bernardino International Airport in San Bernardino..

Call 1-800-645-9228 for the latest information on the proper disposal of home-generated sharps/needles.

Why do I see the Firefighters at the store shopping for food on duty?

Because firefighters work 24 hours at a time, they must eat lunch and dinner at the station. They are allowed to shop for meals while on duty. However, if an emergency call comes in you will see the firefighters running out of the store and respond to the emergency in a very timely manner. We stay together as a team to ensure the timeliest and safest response.

What schedule does a firefighter work?

Firefighters work 24-hour shifts and then they are off for 24 hours. This schedule offers the greatest protection to the citizens of Redlands. Having firefighters on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can be assured that at the Redlands Fire Department will be ready to respond to your emergency.

What does a firefighter workday routine consist of?

Because we work 24 hours at a time there are many things that we try to accomplish during our workday. A typical day for a firefighter will go as follows: The crews check out all of their safety gear and equipment. Firefighter/Paramedics will also check out all of the medical equipment to ensure it is ready for medical emergencies. The drivers referred to as “Engineers”, will check out the fire truck and make sure that it is ready to safely respond to any fires or medical emergencies. While this is being done the Captain will arrange all of the activities for the day, perform administrative duties and prepare training. Other activities normally accomplished each shift include working out, training for firefighting, conducting building inspections and any number of specialized training functions such as Hazardous Material training or Rope Rescues, just to name a few. PLUS we drop everything to handle any emergency calls for help that come in (Over 8,000 emergency calls a year).

Why do I see firefighters working out while on duty?

When a firefighter is suited up to fight fires they are wearing approximately 50-60 lbs of gear. That does not include any hose or tools that are required for firefighters to do their job. Because firefighting is such a physically demanding job, the men and women of the Redlands Fire Department are encouraged to work out while on duty and stay physically fit, so working out is not only for their benefit but more importantly, for the benefit of the citizens which they protect. The crews workout in their area and remain in constant communication so that they may respond when needed.

Does the Redlands Fire Department have a Dalmatian dog? Why did they use Dalmatians in the fire service?

No, we do not have a Dalmatian or any other dog. Dalmatians were used when the fire pumps were pulled by horses. The Dalmatians would run beside the horses and help guide the horse to the fire. The dog running next to the horse kept the horse from getting spooked while responding to the fire. After the crews would return to the fire house the Dalmatians would often live and sleep with the horses.

Why do I see two fire trucks, one ambulance and one or two police cars on scene of a medical emergency?

A true medical emergency requires a large number of personnel. In order to properly perform CPR or treat a critical patient, you need 5-6 firefighters in addition to an ambulance crew. Current staffing dictates that we send two pieces of apparatus to all medical emergencies. Once a patient is assessed and it is determined that one crew can handle the call, the other crew is returned to service so they are available for the next 9-1-1 emergency call.

When I call for the paramedics, why does the fire department show up?

The Redlands Fire Department is staffed with 6 Firefighter/Paramedics on duty each day. This offers the greatest medical service possible to the citizens at the lowest cost. Firefighters are able to respond quickly and be at your side providing advanced life support measures, in most cases quicker than the ambulance service. In addition, critical calls or special patients require more than the two personnel who normally staff an ambulance.

When I call 911, why do I get a bill?

Normally, you will not receive a bill from the Redlands Fire Department for emergency medical services that we provide. Your tax dollars provide for Fire and EMS services. However, if you elect to be transported to an emergency room by AMR (the ambulance provider) they will send you a bill for their services as they are a “for-profit” organization. AMR is NOT affiliated with the Redlands Fire Department. The Redlands Fire Department is authorized to bill for costs associated with some traffic accidents or other types of incidents.

Please feel free to contact the Redlands Fire Department @ (909) 798-7600 with any other questions.