Utilities Advisory Committee


Utilities Advisory Committee

Chapter 3.41 of the City of Redlands Municipal Code requires water and wastewater utility rates to be reviewed bi-annually by a Utility Advisory Committee (UAC). The primary goal of the UAC is to recommend water and wastewater rates for all utility customers based upon the cost of service and are in compliance with all state and federal laws. 

Chapter 2.70 established the membership, terms, organization, and further defined the responsibilities of the UAC. The UAC is comprised of 7 volunteers who are current City water and wastewater utility customers representing various customer classes, and are neither an elected official nor an employee of the City of Redlands.


The City Council appointed the following members of the community to serve a two-year term on the 2019 UAC thru May 7, 2021:
Christine Roque
John James
Jonathan Corbridge
Richard Corneille
Ernest Marquez, Jr. 
Richard Smith
Monty Dill

Staff Liaison

Jane Weathers and Liz Boehling

Agendas and Minutes

2019 UAC Agenda #9 12-17-2020
2019 UAC Agenda #8 12-3-2020
DRAFT UAC Special Meeting #7 2-20-20 Minutes
2019 UAC Agendas 1 thru 7 and Minutes 1 thru 6 for May 2019 - Feb 2020 meetings

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