Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Pavement Priority Model


Maximizing Vehicle Miles Traveled

The total miles traveled by all vehicles each day in Redlands is 814,000 Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) per day. Understanding the significance of this number can be illustrated as a single car traveling one and one half round-trips to the moon. The VMT method allows staff to compare the cost of a road treatment with the volume of daily traffic. The total cost of repair or maintenance per Average Daily Traffic (ADT) will yield cost/vehicle trip/day at that location. The lower the cost per vehicle trip, the more cost effective applying treatment to that road will be. See maps for Average Daily Traffic and for Cost/ADT Model Priority.

Of the 814,000 VMT each day in Redlands, 256,500 of those have already received treatments during the pastfive years. This is due to high-volume traffic streets such as Orange Street and Redlands Boulevard that have recently been paved. Using the list of remaining roads, the following maps show which streets can be paved based on volume of traffic. For any given budget, the roads with the highest VMT will receive treatment first. Figure 7 shows annual budgets of $800,000, $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, and $5 million plotted against the total VMT that will benefit from treatment for each year, over the next ten years.