Home Occupations


A Home Occupation Permit will enable you to conduct business from your home, as long as you can meet the operating requirements in the Redlands Municipal Code.

Any time you perform any work from your home, or use your home as the place of business, then you must obtain a Home Occupation Permit. This includes off-site business activities such as gardeners, painters, or consultants who work at a client’s residence. If you would like to operate a Family Daycare Home, please refer to the bottom of this page for pertinent information. 

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The operating requirements are provided in Chapter 18.160 of the Redlands Municipal Code (click here for a link). The purpose of these criteria is to ensure that the business activity is ancillary to the primary use as a residence, and that there will be no detrimental effects or nuisances imposed on surrounding residents or property owners.

  • The individual primarily responsible for the home occupation must live in the dwelling.
  • There shall be no employment of persons other than the resident family of the dwelling.
  • There shall be no material or equipment used that is not recognized as being part of the normal practices in the residential district.
  • There shall be no direct sales of products or merchandise from the home, except for produce (fruit or vegetables) grown on the subject property.
  • The home occupation shall not allow customers or clientele to visit the dwelling. However, incidental uses such as music lessons, tutoring, and the sale of produce may be permitted if the intensity of such use is approved by the Director.
  • The home occupation shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for delivery of materials to or from the premises beyond those commercial vehicles normally associated with residential uses.
  • The home occupation shall not involve the use of advertising signs on the premises, or any other local advertising media which calls attention to the fact that the home is being used for business purposes, telephone number listing excepted.
  • No more than 10% of the total square-footage of the dwelling or one room of the dwelling, whichever is less, shall be employed for the home occupation. Use of the garage for the home occupation may be permitted if such use does not obstruct required parking.
  • No accessory building or space outside of the main building shall be used for the home occupation. No outdoor storage, including the storage or parking of vehicles associated with the use, shall be permitted.
  • The appearance of the dwelling must not be altered, or the occupation within the residence be conducted in a manner, which would cause the premises to differ from its residential character (either by the use of colors, materials, construction, lighting, signs, or the emission of sound, noise, vibrations, or other visible evidence of the activity).
  • There shall be no increase in the use of utilities (including water, sewer, electricity and garbage collection) or community facilities so that the combined total use for the dwelling and home occupation does not exceed that normal to the use of the property for residential purposes.
  • Use of the United States postal service in conjunction with a mail order home occupation shall be done by means of a post office box.
  • If an applicant is not the legal property owner of property where a home occupation is to be conducted, notarized written permission from the property owner approving use of the dwelling must be submitted with the application. 
how to apply for a Home  Occupation  PErmit 

You will need to complete a few steps to get the Home Occupation Permit Application approved, as well as a City business license. Go online to complete and submit your Business License application form (click here) and the Home Occupation Permit application form, and pay the applicable fees.  



The criteria and operating requirements are provided in Chapter 18.156, Article VIII, of the Redlands Municipal Code (click here for a link). A “Small Family Daycare Home” (8 or fewer children) is a permitted use in any single-family residential zoning district as an accessory use to the principal residential use. 

A “Large Family Daycare Home” (9 to 14 children) may be allowable in any single-family residential zoning district, subject to the approval of a Conditional Use Permit, and must be approved by the Planning Commission. Generally, a proposed new large family daycare home must be at least 300 feet away from any two existing daycare centers or other large family daycare homes. 

The State of California, Department of Social Services, also has a number of additional criteria, capacity requirements, licenses, and licensing procedures depending on the type of daycare facility (click here to go to the Department of Social Services website). Questions regarding State requirements must be directed to Department of Social Services staff. The regional office that serves the Redlands area is located at 3737 Main Street, Suite 700, Riverside, CA 92501. Telephone: (951) 782-4200