Flick or Treat Entry Form
Halloween Drive-Thru and Drive-In Event


The City of Redlands is looking for the public to create displays in the Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-Thru Trail. Residents, nonprofits and businesses are encouraged to create their own displays which will be featured as part of the event on Saturday, October 31st at the Redlands Sports Complex. Click here to view the layout of the event.

An online entry form found below must be submitted in order to participate. Displays will be setup at the Redlands Sports Park. Deadline is October 19, 2020. There is no entry fee to participate.


  • All entrants agree to allow use of their name(s) and photos for promotional purposes
  • Entries are to be family friendly and appropriate. Make them whimsical, humorous, mischievous, spooky or loveable. Displays must be done in good taste.
  • The City of Redlands is not responsible for any any damages or theft of entries.
  • Participation in creating a display in the Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-Thu Trail does not guarantee entry to view the event. Those interested in attending as a participant must register here.
  • Performers, and decorators must not approach any vehicles
  • Performers, and decorators must social distance from each other at all times
  • Performers, and decorators must wear masks while on-site
  • Nobody is to hand candy, trinkets, or any other objects to vehicles, nor receive anything from vehicles
  • You will be assigned a space after registration is received.
  • Power will not be provided. Decorators must bring their own power source.

Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-Thru Trail Display Entry Form

An entry form must be submitted in order to have a display.
Deadline is October 19, 2020 to submit your entry

Children will receive a take home bag filled with candy and miscellaneous items that will be provided to them in their vehicle as they enter the parking lot. Can you donate candy or any other items that could be included in the bag?

Please note that participation in the Drive-Thru Trail does not guarantee entry to the event as a participant. Those interested in attending the Halloween Trick or treat trail must make a reservation.