Flick or Treat
Drive Thru-Trail Frequent Asked Questions



This event is free; however, vehicles must reserve a ticket for a selected time slot. A separate ticket is required for each vehicle. Bring a hard copy of the ticket in the vehicle. *Only one vehicle per transaction.  If your group has more than one vehicle, please place your orders separately.

How do I reserve a time slot?

All reservations must be made in advance online. Reservations will not be available at the event.  When an entrance time reaches capacity, it will no longer be available for reservation. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your reservation along with a separate dashboard pass to display on your vehicle. 

When I get there, what’s the check-in/entrance process?

Please plan to arrive during your designated time slot. Upon arrival, our team will get you checked-in . You will have to have registered the license plate # of your vehicle in the sign up process prior. Your license plate # will be your ID to get in.

Since reservation time slots are required, what happens if I’m early/late?

If you arrive early or late we will do our best to accommodate you. If you arrive early, we suggest you wait along Sessums drive until your time slot. If you arrive late, we will do our best to accommodate your vehicle as soon as we can.


How does it work? Would we be driving the whole time?​

This event was designed to be experienced from inside of your vehicle. For the safety of everyone, guests must remain in their cars at all times and will not be allowed to get out of the car. 

You will be driving from scene to scene, decorated by residents, businesses, and similar to a drive-in theater, you’ll tune in to a radio station to hear theme sound and music .

Is the venue completely outdoors?

Yes, it will take place completely outdoors through a paved parking lot.

How long does it take to drive from scene to scene? Could I get lost?

The scenes are right next to each other along a guided course with attendants.

How long is the total experience?

The experience is expected to take 10 minutes.

What if I need to get out of my car or leave in the middle of an event?

For everyone’s safety, all guests must remain in their cars for the duration of the experience and won’t be allowed out of the vehicle. In the event of an emergency, please talk to one of our staff members. While outside of the vehicle, participants must use a cloth face covering and remain as distanced from staff as possible. 

What happens if I need to go use the restroom?

For everyone’s safety, all guests must remain in their cars for the duration of the experience. There are no public restrooms on-site, please plan to use the restroom before arriving.

Is the event for the entire family or is there a recommended age to attend?

This event is family friendly and recommended for people of all ages. 

Are actors allowed to approach the cars?

Decorators will not approach your vehicle.

Is there any food & beverage sold? Or could I bring my own?

Food and beverage will not be available for purchase, but guests are welcome to bring their own. Any trash must remain in the vehicle and cannot be disposed of onsite.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In the event that weather conditions are not favorable, all ticket holders will be notified of the event’s cancellation via email.


This event was designed with two goals in mind – to keep the Halloween festivities alive this season, while also keeping staff and guests safe. The event was created with the recommended health guidelines in mind. 

Road Safety

Vehicles will be driving continuously from scene to scene without stopping. The speed limit will be set at 5 mph. Vehicles must follow all traffic patterns and rules of the road. 

For everyone’s safety, all guests must remain in their cars for the duration of the experience and won’t be allowed out of the vehicle.  

All cars are required to have current car insurance and driver will be responsible for any damage and injuries that may occur, due to the fault of the driver, staff, performers, or anyone else.

Is there a limit to the number of guests per vehicle?

Vehicles cannot exceed their maximum occupancy. All guests must have a seat and seatbelt in order to enter the event. Occupants of a vehicle must be members of the same household or living unit. Participants cannot change vehicles during the drive-thru. 

Is there a restriction on the type of vehicle allowed?

Participating vehicles must be fully enclosed with windows rolled up and sun roofs closed. The following will not be granted access to the event: Bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, convertibles without roof, vehicles with no doors, cars with trailer attachments, minibuses (7+ seats), buses, RVs, limos, long wheelbase vans and HGVs.

What precautions/health guidelines are you taking for the decorators and staff?

The safety of our guests and staff are our top priority, so we’ve designed this entire experience with the current health guidelines in mind. Below are the measures we’re taking:

Decorators and staff will wear masks while on-site.

Our team will social distance from each other at all times.

San Bernardino County COVID-19 related protocols will be intertwined into all operations.