Fire Inspection Volunteer


The Redlands Fire Department is seeking volunteers to assist the department as part of the Volunteer Inspector Program.

The Fire Department’s Volunteer Inspector Program was established to meet the growing demand within the Fire Prevention Bureau. The structure of the fire prevention volunteer program is built on the concept that technically trained individuals can provide fire prevention inspections for the community. Currently, many fundamental fire inspections are conducted by the engine companies from each of the City’s fire stations. Volunteer inspectors provide the necessary staffing to verify that City code requirements have been met.

Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the volunteer inspectors are comprised of individuals seeking an opportunity to gain experience in the field of fire prevention as well as citizens desiring to give back to the community. Currently the City of Redlands has issued more than 3,500 business licenses, all of which require annual fire inspections, the volunteer inspectors provide a valuable resource to assist in meeting that goal.

Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in specialized training programs to expand their individual knowledge beyond that of Inspector I. Training can include public fireworks displays, motion picture fire safety officer, and high hazard occupancy training. Along with this training volunteers have the chance to participate in special community events, ensuring fire safety measures are maintained. Special events include:

  • Fourth of July celebration
  • Downtown Market Night
  • Entertainment venues

Applicants for the program must complete required training prior to conducting inspections independently. Credit is given for completed California State Fire Marshal prevention courses.

Applicants are required to submit fingerprints and pass a background check in addition to an interview prior to appointment. Interested individuals can go to the City of Redlands web site at