Downtown Reinvestment Program



As part of the overall vision of the Downtown Reinvestment Program, the Orange Street and Redlands Boulevard Resurfacing, Sidewalk and Landscaping Improvement project was constructed to improve the quality of both the street and sidewalk for citizens, pedestrians and shoppers in the downtown area. The project area is on Orange Street from Pearl Avenue to Olive Avenue and on Redlands Boulevard from Texas Street to State Street. This project included:

  • The resurfacing of Orange Street and Redlands Boulevard in the project area
  • The reconstruction of brick intersections on Orange Street at Stuart Avenue, Shoppers Lane, Redlands Boulevard and State Street
  • The reconstruction of various sidewalk locations in the project area
  • The upgrade or installation of ADA ramps in the project area
  • The construction of two new medians on Redlands Boulevard between Orange and State Street
  • The installation of new landscaping in medians on Redlands Boulevard between Orange and State Street
  • The installation of landscaping improvements on the existing median on Orange Street south of Pearl Avenue

These physical improvements help to achieve the overarching goal of the Downtown Reinvestment Program of promoting Downtown Redlands as an aesthetically pleasing, pedestrian friendly destination for citizens, businesses and visitors.


The Ed Hales Park Improvement Project constructed a number of improvements which were designed to convert the Park into a more urban plaza. As part of the Project, the following improvements were made:

  • The stage was relocated from the center of the park to the eastern end of the park in effort to make better use of the Park’s space.
  • New park furniture, lighting and electrical appurtenances were constructed to accommodate the stage relocation.
  • A subterranean drainage system was installed, as well as ecological permeable pavement to help promote groundwater recharge.
  • Street Paving stones were placed in 5th Street as will removable bollards, designed to accommodate the temporary expansion of the Urban Plaza onto 5th Street for special occasions.

All existing plaques and memorials currently located at Ed Hales Park were preserved and included in the new design of the Park.


This project was a component of the Downtown Reinvestment Program and greatly enhances the aesthetics of State Street between Orange Avenue and Redlands Boulevard. Construction began around late September 2010 and was completed in November 2010.

  • Major components of this project were:
  • Installation of a drip irrigation system for all planters.
  • Preservation and enhancement of tree planters with soil treatment.
  • Replacement of bedding plants with drought-tolerant and more aesthetically appropriate landscaping.
  • Installation of three (3) and four (4) foot diameter landscape boulders.