Business License & Zone Clearance Application


In town, businesses in commercial areas need to obtain a Zone Clearance Form prior to the issuance of a business license. This is necessary to establish a new business, as well as to relocate an existing business in Redlands. You can obtain the Zone Clearance Form from this webpage. 

In addition to the completed and signed Zone Clearance Application form, please complete the Business License Application form and bring it with you to the Planning Division public counter located at the One Stop Permit Center in Suite 15-A. 

If you intend to operate a business out of your residence, please go to the Home Occupations page (click here).

Zone  Clearance  Form  REVIEW  AND  Approval  -  What  to  Expect 

At the One Stop Permit Center, you will need to complete a few steps to get the Zone Clearance Application approved:

FILL-IN FORM: Click on the link to the right for the “Zone Clearance Application (fillable form).” Download and save the form to your computer’s desktop. Then open the form from your desktop, and fill-in the form with your information as completely as possible. You can then print the form and obtain the signature where needed.

STEP 1: Go to the Planning Division public counter to speak with a Planner, and check the zoning of the location you want. If the zoning allows the proposed type of business or use, then you continue to the next steps.

STEP 2: Go to the Building Division public counter to speak with a permit technician, and check to see if you might need any building permits or inspections for your proposed business.

STEP 3: Go to the Fire Department office (in Suite 12) to speak with a Fire plan checker, and check to see if you might need any Fire permits or inspections for your proposed business.

STEP 4: If you have received approvals and signatures in Steps 1-3, then the last stop will be back at the Planning counter for a final signature and approval. Without the approval signatures from both Building and Fire staff, the form cannot be approved by the Planner.

SUBMIT: With the approved Zone Clearance Application form, you can then go online to complete and submit your Business License application form and pay the applicable fees.  

PLEASE  NOTE:  In some cases, the business owner or operator will need to schedule a subsequent inspection by Building Division and/or Fire Department staff (subsequent to issuance of a business license). The inspection may be necessary prior to opening your business to the public. The requirement for an inspection, if any, will be clearly noted on the Zone Clearance Application form.  If a permit or inspection of some type will required for your business, the permit technician in Building and/or Fire can explain to you what is necessary. If you have any questions about any inspections or other requirements, please be sure to speak with the permit technician at the time you are presenting the Zone Clearance form for review.  

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