About the Planning Division


Welcome to the Planning Division webpage. Active participation and civic involvement with our community members helps us plan to make Redlands an even better place to live, work, and play! The primary responsibilities of the Planning Division can be generally described as two broad categories of activities: ”Current Planning” and “Long-Range Planning.”  We invite you to explore our webpage to learn more about us.

“Current Planning” involves the review of various types of land use applications to ensure that future development will maintain a safe and high-quality built environment for the City’s residents, visitors, and employees of the many businesses in town. Current Planning duties typically include the following:

  • Review a variety of applications for proposed development or land uses
  • Work with the Planning Commission to conduct public meetings and hearings
  • Implement the 2035 General Plan and the City’s Zoning Code
  • Implement Specific Plans and Community Plans
  • Implement the city’s Architectural Design Guidelines
  • Conduct environmental review per the California Environmental Quality Act 
  • Provide public notices and consider any public input on development proposals 
  • Provide staff support for the Development Review Committee, Minor Exception Permit Committee, and Planning Commission
  • Work with a variety of consultants on Planning-related activities

“Long-Range Planning” (or Advance Planning) involves the creation or updating of policies and plans intended to guide the City’s growth and development in the future. These policy documents are ultimately adopted by the City Council to guide the city’s long-term growth and sustainable management of resources. These are the policies and standards utilized by Planning staff to evaluate development applications for consistency with the community’s vision for future growth. Long-Range Planning responsibilities include:

  • Monitor implementation of the 2035 General Plan and the Housing Element
  • Maintain information about the City’s population and housing growth
  • Prepare or amend Specific Plans for defined geographical areas of the City
  • Prepare updates to the Zoning Code or development regulations
  • Review requests for General Plan Amendments or Zone Changes
  • Represent the City of Redlands in regional planning activities (e.g., San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, Southern California Association of Governments, etc.) 
  • Prepare new or updated development standards to comply with State law or other contemporary changes
  • Provide staff support to the Historic & Scenic Preservation Commission and Planning Commission
  • Process requests for historic designation of local properties or landmarks
  • Review applications for Mills Act contracts for historic preservation activities
  • Prepare grant applications for State or Federal funding opportunities in support of Planning activities 
  • Work with a variety of consultants on matters related to Planning and Historic Preservation