Recreation Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer with Seniors

Contact us to learn about opportunities to volunteer at our Senior Facilities

Help Out with Special Events

Contact us to learn about opportunities to help with our special events

Teen Volunteer Program

Come join the City of Redlands Youth Volunteer Program for ages 12-17. Our goal is prepare our volunteers for the workforce and provide them with the necessary skills to navigate their youth and attain their professional goals. The Redlands Community Center serves as safe environment for teens to work on team work, mentorship, civic engagement, and leadership.

In order to become a youth volunteer visit the Redlands Community Center to fill out an application and schedule a volunteer interview.

There are two options for youth volunteers:

Long-Term Volunteering:

Youth volunteers who wish to continuously volunteer with us will be placed on a center schedule in accordance with their availability and will be required to attend special events and volunteer consistently at least once a week. Our long-term volunteers are eligible for Volunteer of the Month recognition, the annual Volunteer Banquet, field trips, service projects, retreats, the City of Redlands Volunteer of the Year award, and the State of the City Community Hero Award.

Temporary Volunteering:

Temporary volunteers are youth interested in volunteering for a short period of time who are not interested in being put on the Community Center volunteer schedule.

Check out the links to our volunteer flyer, youth packet, and syllabus!