Homeless Solutions


In April, 2022, the City Council created a Homeless Solutions Division (in the Facilities & Community Services Department) to address homelessness in the City of Redlands. The Homeless Solutions Division is responsible for connecting unhoused persons in the City with appropriate resources.

The Homeless Solutions Division partners with local nonprofit and government entities to connect unhoused persons with resources such as transitional housing options, food assistance, outreach services, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, and more.

Click here to go to the Homeless Solutions webpage - https://www.cityofredlands.org/post/homeless-solutions


Online resources:

Family Service Association of Redlands - https://www.redlandsfamilyservice.org/housing.html

Salvation Army – San Bernardino Corps – https://sanbernardino.salvationarmy.org/

San Bernardino County Human Services Department – https://wp.sbcounty.gov/hs/


Photo of Step Up in Redlands


Photo of interior room Step Up in Redlands