Flower & Decoration Policy


Mausoleum Flowers and Decorations

Flowers and Decorations are removed on a quarterly basis.

The pick-up date is the first Wednesday of January, April, July, and October.

Affixing any item on the crypt or niche front not installed by cemetery staff is prohibited and will be removed immediately.

Grave Flowers and Decorations

Flower and Decorations are removed every Wednesday throughout the day regardless of weather conditions.

All items that are removed by staff will be discarded and families will not be allowed to recover said items.

All permissible flowers for recent burials will not be picked up on the Wednesday following the interment services. Flowers will be removed on the second Wednesday following the interment.

Prohibited Items

  • Candles
  • Glass containers
  • Alcoholic containers
  • Fencing is not allowed at any time.
  • No items are permitted to be hung or attached in any way to trees

Holiday Extensions for Flowers & Decorations

Flowers and Decorations are left in place for the Wednesday following the following Holidays:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day

Christmas Holiday Extension

Families are permitted to decorate from one week before and one week after the Christmas Holiday.

Exact dates are posted on signs at both the Alessandro Road and Sunset Drive entrances.