Business Licenses


Business Licenses are issued by the Revenue Division of the Management Services / Finance Department, and are required of all persons or corporations conducting business within the City of Redlands.

Customers seeking to obtain a new business license or to renew an expired or expiring business license may apply onlineemail, or call (909) 798-7557,  you may also apply in person at:

Business License Division
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15B
Redlands, CA 92373

Some general information to include in your email or when leaving a voice message:

  • Is your business located in the City of Redlands or outside our city limits?
  • If inside the city limits, will your business be located in a commercial center or an office out of your home?
  • Provide address of business location.
  • What is the type of business you provide?
  • If you are a contractor, provide your contractor’s license number.

Processing times and receipt of certificate:

  • New Business License Applications for in town commercially located businesses require a Zone Clearance Application to be filled out, routed, signed and approved prior to submitting the Business License Application and paying the fees.  This process may take as little as 15 minutes for most types of businesses that do not require any other permits. Once the Zone Clearance Application is approved, the Business License application and fees may be submitted to the Revenue Division for issuance of a business license.
  • Some businesses may be required to apply for additional permits prior to completing the Business License Application/Renewal (such as a building permit or a fire sprinkler permit depending on the type of business or activities). These processes may take additional time to complete (such as if you need a consultant to prepare and submit tenant improvement plans), and if needed, the permit applications must be filed with the City prior to completing the Business License process.
  • Once your application/renewal has been submitted along with the appropriate payment, please allow two weeks for processing and mailing of your certificate.
  • During peak renewal periods, December thru February and June thru July, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing and mailing of your certificate.
  • We strive to process renewals and applications for new business license certificates as quickly as possible, but due to the simultaneous timing of renewals throughout the City, our turnaround times can often take longer.

More information regarding the specific provisions of the City’s Municipal Code on business licenses can be found here: Chapter 5.04 – Business Licenses Generally.