Stolen three-wheeled cycle recovered in time for Classic race

Stolen three-wheeled cycle recovered in time for Classic race
Posted on 04/07/2016

Redlands Police, with the assistance of Rialto police arrested a man and recovered a customized three-wheel cycle stolen from a disabled veteran. The bike was returned to the victim in time for him to participate in this weekend’s Redlands Bicycle Classic.

The bike, valued at $12,000, was stolen from the bed of a pickup truck parked overnight outside the Ayres Hotel at 1015 Colton Ave. Redlands Police posted information with a reward on Facebook.

An employee at Don’s Bikes in Rialto became suspicious and contacted Redlands Police when the suspect, 22-year-old transient Robert James Kirk, entered the store on Thursday, April 7, attempting to sell two bikes. Redlands Police contacted Rialto Police who located the suspect after he fled the store.

Redlands Police recovered the bike and returned it to the victim, 31-year-old Aaron Roux, a disabled Marine veteran from Tucson, AZ. He planned to participate in the Redlands Bicycle Classic taking place over the weekend in downtown Redlands.

Redlands Police arrested Kirk for warrants and receiving stolen property. Police also recovered a DK Helio bike with 20-inch wheels and are looking for a possible victim.