Four Redwoods at Fire Station No. 262 to be removed

Four Redwoods at Fire Station No. 262 to be removed
Posted on 04/04/2016

Four Redwoods located at Redlands Fire Station No. 262, located on Garden Street, are scheduled to be removed this week. The City Council-appointed Street Tree Committee and City arborist both recommended the trees be removed due to their declining health.

Replacement trees will be planted as part of the Fire Station 262, 263, 264 Water Efficiency Landscape Rehabilitation Project. Two deodar cedars and a cork oak will be planted as part of the project. The new trees will be in 36-inch box containers, adding three mature trees to the new landscaping associated with the project.

Fire Station No. 262 is the third of four City fire stations to be converted to a drought tolerant garden. In addition to reducing water consumption at each of the fire stations, each site will provide the public with distinct landscaping templates of drought-tolerant plants that help promote water conservation. Fire Station No. 262’s plant palette is a Mediterranean theme, which includes a warm season Bermuda grass mix that utilizes subsurface irrigation to increase water efficiency.

The City Council awarded a contract Dec. 15, 2015, to TLC Landscape Services Inc. of Redlands in the amount of $181,256 for the construction of the three remaining fire stations’ landscape. Project costs are funded by the City of Redlands water conservation fund. No General Fund dollars will be used to construct this project.

For more information, visit or call Cecilia Griego, water resources specialist, at 909-798-7553.