City of Redlands Local Needs

Planning for the Future

The City of Redlands is planning for the future! Here in Redlands, we’re a big town with a small town feel. As our city continues to thrive, we want to preserve the quality of life and city services that make our community great.

Fiscal Responsibility

While the City is committed to fiscal responsibility and has created a balanced budget every year for the past 12 years, the scope of needs facing the City are greater than the current resources available.

Outdated Facilities

For example, the City’s current public safety facilities are too small and outdated to adequately serve the needs of the community. The Redlands Police operate out of temporary portable trailers and a building that is more than 80 years old – there is no room to hire additional police officers and firefighters unless we upgrade, expand and modernize our public safety facilities.

Additionally, the City’s streets, sidewalks, parks, storm drains and other infrastructure require basic repairs and maintenance. When these repairs are not addressed, they become a lot more expensive to repair in the future.

Other needs the City is looking to address include.

  • Providing efficient responses to 9-1-1 emergencies by addressing public safety facilities needs for police, fire and emergency operations, and replacing outdated lifesaving and firefighting equipment
  • Addressing homelessness and keeping public areas clean, safe and free of graffiti
  • Increasing the number of police officers in our community and providing police services, including crime prevention and investigations, and reducing gang activity and drug related crimes
  • Repairing and maintaining public buildings, the library, sidewalks, curbs, parks and recreation centers

We Want to Hear from You

We invite the community’s feedback as we examine our needs. Click below to complete our brief survey and make your voice heard.





For More Information

Contact Public Information Officer Carl Baker at (909) 798-7687 or email: info@cityofredlands.org

Informational Handout

Local Needs Fact Sheet

Preserving Quality of Life and City Services in Redlands