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Escola Academy Virtual Soccer Training (3-6 yrs)

Cost: $60.00

This virtual skills training program is designed for the young player needing more guidance on their individual, basic skills development and progress. This training is best-suited for beginner players and those still progressing in a recreational program that need support to focus on learning and improving touch, control, and creativity with the soccer ball. This approach and our teaching methods will ultimately improve their abilities and move them forward in their soccer journey, with dedicated practice and additional time spent with the ball at their feet. Through our virtual journey for this training, players will be taught and learn countless, valuable ways to become comfortable and confident with their soccer ball and as they progress with their talents, children will be challenged to build on their skills learned throughout each week. This is how the “building blocks” of soccer skills are developed in players that we train in our Academy system.

Free Class DEMO Saturday August 8 10:00 – 10:20 am Register Here
Escola Virtual Training (3-6 yrs) Saturdays Aug 15 – Sep 19 9:00 – 9:45 am Register Here

Escola Academy Virtual Soccer Training (7-11 yrs)

Cost: $60.00

This effective training involves players in higher skill-learning scenarios, within our detail-specific, progressive training environment. In order for players of any age to find success playing in a team/game environment, players must dedicate much time to developing and continually improving their individual, technical abilities, so they can properly play at the level they strive for- this is why our training programs emphasize this, to allow players time to build and strengthen their foundation.

This training is progressive and focuses on areas of individual development that can get overlooked in a regular team setting, depending on where your child plays. Areas of attention in this training include but are not limited to agility, coordination, quickness and footwork- all valuable areas of a player’s development in soccer. Additionally, a player’s individual skill levels and abilities are challenged, thus allowing a player to see what areas of their individual skill/abilities need proper attention for future growth. With this understanding, a player becomes aware that in order to perform to their potential in game settings, their own skills must be improved to the highest level possible and The Escola Academy’s teaching methods concentrate on this improvement.

Free Class DEMO Saturday August 8 11:00 – 11:20 am Register Here
Escola Virtual Training (7-11 yrs) Saturdays Aug 15 – Sep 19 10:30 – 11:15 am Register Here