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Street Tree Policy and Protection Guidelines Manual
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As a result of the Quality of Life Department’s dedication to sustaining a healthy and viable urban forest and through funding assistance from patrons of the urban forest, The City of Redlands has been named a Tree CityUSA city by the National Arbor Day Association.

The Street Tree Division of the Quality of Life Department maintains approximately 38,000 City-owned street and park trees. The Division has three full-time employees dedicated to tree trimming and emergency response for downed trees and tree limbs. The Street Tree Division is supplemented by a contractor who trims, plants and helps with the maintenance of the City’s urban forest.

The Quality of Life Department responds to hundreds of service calls each year related to City trees. Calls for street tree services may include routine tree trimming, root problems such as buckling of sidewalks and curbs, trees blocking street lights or street signs, tree branches hanging too low and obstructing traffic, broken or fallen branches and palm fronds, and removal of dead trees.

Chapter 12.52 of the Redlands Municipal Code contains provisions which allow approved contractors, hired by residents, to trim, plant and remove public trees under an encroachment permit issued by the Quality of Life Department. The City waives the permit fees associated with the voluntary trimming, planting or removal of public trees by residents who hire certified contractors, subject to the approval of the Quality of Life Department.

The MUNICIPAL CODE for the City of Redlands is online and may be viewed in its entirety.

For information regarding the City's street tree program or to report concerns regarding street trees please call the Quality of Life Department at 909-798-7655.

For emergency reports after normal working hours call the Police Department non-emergency dispatch at 909-793-1911

Approved Tree Lists

The City has adopted a list of trees that are approved for use in public areas such as parkways. The list is available along with individual statistic sheets for each tree on the list. The statistic sheets include general data regarding the tree along with photos showing the tree, bark, leaves, flowers and fruit as applicable. These lists are provided in a PDF format.

Street Tree List

Additional information regarding any tree can be found at the following web sites:

Public Tree Encroachment Permit

A Public Tree Encroachment Permit is required to be submitted for an trimming, planting, or removal of any tree in a City easement. This application is available from the Quality of Life Department or may be downloaded here.

Submit the completed permit application to:

Quality of Life c/o the One Stop Permit Center
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A
Redlands, CA 92373

or via email to

The Quality of Life Department will review the application and issue the encroachment permit if all conditions are met and approved.

Honorary Tree Planting Program

A project of the Redlands Community Foundation

The donation of a tree is a wonderful way to honor a dear friend or loved one. It is a living, growing gift that can be given in memory of a life well lived or as a unique tribute to a cherished friend or family member. Planting a tree beautifies the community, enhances the environment, and benefits the City of Redlands' parks and City owned street parkways.