A big thank you for everyone who participated in the Orange Blossom 5K Run!
Click Here to download a presentation of the event

Redlands Recreation Division

The Redlands Recreation Division of the Quality of Life Department maintains quality recreation facilities and services, and facilitates leisure opportunities to encourage healthy lifestyles choices that foster healthy living.

Our mission is to provide fun, safe, and informative programs to the community, recruit independent instructors who have the talent and motivation to inspire and teach, and provide affordable access to clean and safe facilities for rent. Our staff welcomes you to be a part of our effort in any capacity you are able to, whether participating or volunteering!

Click on one of our centers below to learn about the amazing and fun programs we offer!

Redlands Senior Center  Redlands Community Center  Joslyn Senior Center
 Redlands Senior Center  Redlands Community Center  Joslyn Senior Center