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To Start Water, Sewer or Trash Service

The City of Redlands requires a pre-payment from all residential customers who have not established credit with the City. Established credit is defined as one year of service with a "satisfactory" payment record. "Satisfactory" is defined as making all payments on or before the payment due date. The pre-payment is based on a sum equal to three times the average or estimated monthly charges for the premise you are requesting services for.

The pre-payment will be credited to your account after one year of utility payments have been received and cleared, provided a satisfactory payment record is maintained by paying all of your municipal services bills on before the due date. Application for service can be started over the telephone, but the pre-payment must be received prior to the start of service.

The following information is needed to open an account: Social Security Number/Tax Payer ID Number, Drivers License Number, Telephone Number, Mailing Address, if different than the Service Address. If you are renting, we will need the Name, Address and Telephone Number of your landlord. We will also need the name of your Employer.

To Stop Water, Sewer or Trash Service

An account may be closed by verifying pertinent information from the account and providing a forwarding address for the final closing bill.