Encroachment Permits

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Outdoor Dining Permit Application

Outdoor Merchandise Sales Permit Application

Road Encroachment Permit Application

Street Closure for Social Event Permit Application

    An example of a social event would be a block party.

Street Closure Permit Application

Truck Route Application

Wideload/Oversized Permit Application

Grading Permit

A Grading Permit is required for any grading of 50 or more yards of earth on property within the City of Redlands. The Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department will review and approve grading plans, and issue the grading permit. Fees for a grading permit are based on the development and can be obtained from staff or viewed on this form. The permit form is in a pdf fillable format. It may be typed online, printed, signed and submitted to the One Stop Permit Center.

Grading Permit Application

Traffic and Parking

Traffic and parking requests can be made to the Traffic and Parking Commission. Requests can involve any type of concern regarding traffic, including stop signs, speed limits, potential hazard areas or other concerns.

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Traffic and Parking Commission Agenda Item Application