School Safety Updates

Keeping our schools safe is one of the highest priorities of the Redlands Police Department. We have created this webpage to keep parents and students informed of the current investigation status of rumored threats to our schools. 

If you are concerned about a rumored threat to a school in Redlands, please review the list below to see the status of its investigation. If you have a tip about a threat that is not listed in the chart below, please call our dispatch center at 909-798-7681 ext. 1.

The Redlands Police Department and the Redlands Unified School District will post information as soon as we are able to verify it and determine that publication of the information will not endanger the health and safety of the District’s students or staff, the neighboring community, or public safety personnel.

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Date  School  Incident Description  Incident Image  Investigation Progress  School Correspondence
 11/8/2018  Redlands High School
 Several students reported to school security that another 16-year-old student made detailed threats to "shoot up the school."
   Redlands Police interviewed the witnesses and contacted the suspect and his parents. The student denied making the threats and no weapons were located in the home. However, because of the detailed nature of the threat and the reports of several witnesses, the suspect was arrested and transported to Juvenile Hall.
 11/3/2018  Kingsbury Elementary School
 Two sixth-grade students got into a fight. One of the students threatened that her dad would shoot the other student.
   Officers investigated and determined the threat was not credible and no crime had occurred.
 10/31/2018  Mariposa Elementary School

A fourth-grade student threatened to shoot and kill another student with a BB gun. It was Halloween and the student making the threat was wearing a SWAT costume.

   Officers questioned the student and his parents. The student denied making the threat and officers determined he does not own a BB gun.
 10/17/2018  Cope Middle School
 Students reported overhearing another student making threats against the campus. School officials reported the threats to police.
   Police investigated, talked to witnesses and contacted the student. The student was arrested for making criminal threats and transported to Juvenile Hall.
 10/16/2018  Orangewood High School
 A teacher reported overhearing a student say she was going to shoot another teacher.
   The threat was made a day before the report and the student was expelled. RPD investigated and contacted the student and her guardian at their residence. No guns are registered to the guardian. A realistic looking BB gun was located and taken as evidence during a consensual search of the residence. The student was interviewed and issued a citation for making criminal threats.
 10/10/2018  Crafton Elementary School
 Student told his teacher he was saving money to buy explosives to blow up the school.
   Police met with the student, his parents and school officials. The threats were determined not to meet the elements of a crime. The student was counseled and parents provided with resources for additional counseling.
 09/28/2018  Redlands High School
 A student reportedly overheard a conversation that another student talked to another group of students about shooting up the school .     Officers responded and interviewed school staff and the students who were reportedly part of the conversation.  After the investigation, the threats were found not to be credible and what was reported was denied by witnesses.  Officers responded to the student’s house and with a parent’s consent, checked the house.  There was nothing suspicious or any evidence located.   
 09/26/2018  Franklin Elementary School
 Officers responded to the school after a verbal threat by an elementary school student to blow up the school.

Officers investigated and no weapons were located. The threats were determined not to meet the elements of a crime. 

 09/26/2018  Kingsbury Elementary School
 Officers were called to Kingsbury Elementary School regarding a student who made a threat against another student.
   The suspect student had already gone home when officers were called. School authorities did locate a small souvenir style pocket knife in the student's possession.  The victim and the victim's parents did not desire prosecution. The suspect was contacted at his residence and there were no additional weapons located. The incident was investigated and documented.
 09/26/2018  Moore Middle School
 A threatening note was turned in to a teacher

Officers conducted a thorough investigation, which included a search of the school and the student’s residence utilizing a San Manuel Police Department weapons detection K9. No weapons were located during the investigation. The student was arrested for criminal threats.

 09/11/2018  Kingsbury Elementary School
 Student  made a conditional threat of bringing a gun to school to shoot somebody.
   RPD investigated and took appropriate measures including consulting with the District Attorney.  School administration is aware of the investigation.
 08/06/2018  Moore Middle School  Student made threat to other students via Xbox to shoot up the school.     Student arrested and residence was searched.
07/11/18 Gorman Learning Center
A suspect made threats against a home school student who  attends the Gorman Learning Center in Redlands. School was not in session at the time the threats were made. Both the suspect and the student live in Riverside County.
  Riverside County Sheriff's detectives investigated the threat and determined that it did not meet the criteria for a criminal threat. Redlands Police notified administrators of the school.
 04/12/18 Redlands East Valley High School
 A REV student reported an image distributed on a social media site with a threat indicating that there would be a  shooting during a school rally on Friday. The threat did not name REV or any RUSD school and the sender could not be linked to the Redlands Unified School District.
  Investigation is ongoing by the Redlands Police Department and San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office to determine the source of the threat. At this time it is not believed that a credible threat exists, however, San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies will be on campus Friday during REV's rally and will patrol in the area of REV throughout the day.
 April 12 2018 Redlansd Unified School District school safety update
Clement Middle School
During a field trip to Clement Middle School, suspect became angry and made threats to shoot up the school. The threats were overheard by a teacher and reported.
  Investigators spoke to the student and his parents. The parents advised there were no guns in the home. The student and parent were cited.
 04/10/2018 RUSD  Person reported a threat to an unknown school in an unknown city he saw on social media.
   RPD learned FBI investigated and the subject responsible for the post was from out of state and had been arrested.
 04/09/2018  RUSD  Suspect sent email to RUSD indicating he may blow up a school and shoot students.
   RPD contacted FBI who determined threat was sent to several school districts across the nation.  At this point, no credible threat exists. Investigation is ongoing.  
 April 9, 2018 school safety update from Redlands Unified School District
  03/14/2018  Citrus Valley High School
 Suspect threatened over Snapchat that he was going to harm his ex-girlfriend who attends CVHS. Photo of a gun was attached to the snap.   Suspect was located at his residence. Officers searched the suspect's residence and no guns were located. Suspect was arrested, and the District Attorney will be reviewing the case.  
 2/27/2018 Redlands High School
Third party rumor of a possible threat at RHS.
 Facebook post from RHS
Officers contacted student who denied making any threats.  Officer searched student's residence, no evidence of a credible threat exists.

 2/21/2018 Cope Middle School
Student told other students he was going to shoot up the campus. 
  Student admitted to officers that he made the threat but claimed he was joking.  Suspect's residence was searched and contact was made with the parents.  Suspect was arrested.  District Attorney will be reviewing the case. 

 2/21/2018 Moore Middle School
Student overheard two weeks ago that he was going to shoot up the school.
 Student admitted to saying he was going to shoot up the school because other students were teasing him but claimed he was joking.   Officers searched student's residence and made contact with his parents.  Suspect was arrested, and District Attorney will be reviewing the case.