Theater evacuated, several treated after pepper spray release

Theater evacuated, several treated after pepper spray release
Posted on 04/17/2016

Redlands police and firefighters responded to reports of pepper spray released in a theater late Saturday night. Two dozen people were treated on scene and two people were transported by ambulance to a local hospital due to symptoms of the gas, including irritated eyes and difficulty breathing.

Emergency calls came in at about 10:15 p.m. Saturday, April 16, after patrons were forced to evacuate theater number 9 at the Harkins Theater, 27481 San Bernardino Ave., during a showing of “Barber Shop: The Next Cut.”

Paramedics triaged and treated patients on scene and inspected the theaters on either side for possible exposure. After confirming the exposure was limited to a single theater in the multiplex, firefighters used fans to clear the remaining pepper spray from the theater.

Police searched the theater but were unable to locate the source of the pepper spray and have released no suspect information. The incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Redlands Police Dispatch at (909) 798-7681, ext. 1.