RPD ceremony welcomes new hires, newly promoted officer

RPD ceremony welcomes new hires, newly promoted officer
Posted on 05/20/2016

The Redlands Police Department recently held a ceremony to swear in one newly hired police officer, seven newly hired professional staff and a newly promoted police corporal. The department also presented campaign ribbons to all of its personnel who provided assistance to the department on Dec. 2, 2015, after the attack in San Bernardino.

The ceremony was held at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 17, at the Redlands Police Annex.

Newly promoted Cpl. Alex Paredes joined the Redlands Police Department in 2000 as a police officer and has served in various assignments, including patrol and community policing. He is a field training officer and mentor to newly hired officers.

Paredes holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration and a master’s degree in criminal justice. He is also a martial arts instructor with ranks in both Korean karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Newly hired personnel sworn in during the ceremony included Police Officer Robert Barker, who came to the RPD after a year as a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputy; part-time Community Service Officer Bertha Calleros; customer service representative Michelle Ulloa; building maintenance technician Arturo Gutierrez; part-time camera operator Matthew Huizenga; part-time camera operator Natalie Massey; part-time ID technician Daniel Muro; and Community Service Officer Julie Salcido.

Chief of Police Mark A. Garcia also recognized department personnel who responded or provided assistance and support to the department on Dec. 2 during and after the attack in San Bernardino. They included:

Officer Joseph Aguilar, Cpl. Kyle Alexander, Officer Jeff Betty, Detective Kelli Bishop, Sgt. Andy Capps, Commander Chris Catren, Officer Paul Davis, Officer Patrick Estrada, Sgt. Jeremy Floyd, Officer Matthew Friesen, Officer Daniel Gonzales, Officer Matthias Knudsen, Officer Jaimeson Liu, Officer Jonathan Manly, Lt. Travis Martinez, Officer Albert Ramirez, Officer Wayne Reid, Lt. Mike Reiss, Commander Shawn Ryan, Cpl. Daniel Sardegna, Officer Ryan Steinhaus, Sgt. Ken Wright, Dispatcher Jenna Heusterberg, CSO Kimberly Howard, Dispatcher Kathryn Ramirez, Operations Manager Shayna Walker, CSO Julie Salcido, CSR Elizabeth Bartlett, Officer James Beaver, Officer Darren Beck, CSO Linda Benson, CSR Sharon Bolt, Administrative Analyst Brenda Boon, Operations Coordinator Deborah Shuker, Dispatcher Kathryn Bordelon, Cpl. Kelvin Bryant, Officer Kenny Cao, Kennel Attendant Kerry Collins, Officer Reuben Cordoba, Dispatcher Matthew Dennistoun, Dispatcher Annette DeWoody, CSO Shelby Donley, Dispatcher Brooke Doolittle, CSO Timothy Edson, Detective Dan Elton, Officer Dan Figgins, Officer Jeffrey Frisch, Sgt. Sean Flynn, CSR Debbie Fredregill, Officer James Frisch, Officer Henry Gomez, Officer Brad Grantz, Officer Curtis Hankins, Officer Kyle Hanna, Dispatcher Jennifer Hernandez, Officer Andrew Honeycutt, Detective Cory Hunt, Officer Jonathan James, CSR Ann Jessup, Cpl. Justin Jimenez, CSO Corinne Lane, Sgt. Vonn Layel, Detective Patrick Leivas, Cpl. Joshua Lucas, Officer Varnum Macias, Camera Operator Daniel Marmolejo, Cpl. Jesse Marquez, Cpl. Stan McCauley, Officer Chris Mead, Detective Mike Merriman, Executive Assistant Chay Miller, Animal Control Supervisor William Miller, Dispatcher Brytney Nelson, CSO Shirley Ogden, Officer Eric Pendery, Officer Dale Peters, Sgt. Dominick Povero, Officer Jennifer Ramstad, Officer Nelson Rodriguez, Officer Laurel Shearer, Dispatcher Taylor Shuey, Operations Coordinator Deborah Shuker, Officer Jeffrey Spurlock, Officer Eric Strobaugh, CSO Eloise Tankersley, Officer Andrew Taube, Sgt. Rachel Tolber, Officer Joseph Valdivia, CSO Jacob Valdivia, Crime Analyst Amy Varela, Officer Thomas Williams, Animal Control Officer Ruben Yzquierdo, Reserve Officer Paul Smith, CVP Gary McCormick, CVP Perry Wahe, CVPR Roy Mannickarottu, CVPR Ed Betty, CVP Steven Rice, CVPR Tanner Greenhalgh, CVPR Wallace Meyer, CVP Cecelia Cortez, and CVP David Raley.