Redlands Police offering Citizens Informational Academy

Redlands Police offering Citizens Informational Academy
Posted on 12/15/2016

The Redlands Police Department is offering an Informational Academy for its citizens. The curriculum and teaching methods will expose participants to the philosophy, policies, tactics, restrictions and goals of Redlands Police Department in their effort to reduce crime, protect citizens and hold those who commit crime accountable for their actions. Participants are residents, business owners, media representatives and neighborhood watchers.

The purpose of the Citizen’s Informational Academy is to improve understanding between citizens and police through education. The classes will create a growing nucleus of responsible, well-informed citizens with more knowledge regarding police practice and service. For these reasons, much time and energy has been devoted to developing an informative overview of the fundamentals of police affairs taught by both management and non-management representatives of the department. Students meet in the evenings for three hours, once a week, during the six-session course. Course topics include virtually every aspect of police work ranging from recruitment to undercover operations.

Graduates of the academy will be closely familiarized with the operations of the Redlands Police Department and will have gained a deeper understanding of the problems and policies facing the Redlands Police Officer.

It cannot be stressed enough that even the most law-abiding, well-informed citizen has only a veiled understanding of police responsibilities and policies along with the physical and mental aspects. Misconceptions range from the widely held view that we live in a crime-free environment, that police traffic patrols exist merely to persecute the unfortunate motorist or police cameras are a “big brother” threat to the liberty of the individual.

The night school program is designed to correct such misconceptions and provide a well-intentioned cross section of the Redlands community with a broad appreciation and understanding of police actions. The Citizens Informational Academy will be held Tuesdays beginning Jan. 10 through Feb. 28, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Joslyn Senior Center, 21 Grant St. The classes will be moderated by retired Cpl. Rick Strobaugh. Applications for the course can be obtained at the Redlands Police Department, 1270 Park Ave., Police Annex, 35 Grant St., Joslyn Senior Center, 21 Grant St. or by going to the Police Department’s web site –

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