Farmer Profiles

Three Red Hart's Grove

Michael Hart of Three Red Hart's Grove

Contact Person: Michael S. Hart

Location (city, county): Corona, San Bernardino County

Phone: (951) 990-0816

3 Red Hart's Grove was established in 2005 with the planting of 200 sweet lime trees.

With two and half acres of five total being utilized, 3 Red Hart's Grove is a unique farm in that it gets its water from a well on its grounds. To access the water one must go through 100 feet of dirt and 409 feet of granite. To prevent the exhaustion of their well, they abide by strict watering of their trees and plants. 3 Red Hart’s Grove is a gem, holding onto farming values that remain a strong value to all of us at the farmer’s market.

When visiting 3 Red Hart's Grove at Thursday's Market Night, you can find some of the most aromatic garlic, fresh eggs, and seasonal produce. They house over 300 egg-laying chickens that get to spend their days roaming outside. They also have a goat, a ram, and their own household dogs.

The public can always visit the farm. Simply call and schedule to come by!

 fresh vegetables

Suzee's Beez and Cheez

Suzee's Beez and Cheez

Contact person: Shay

Location (city, county): Hemet, Riverside county

Social Media: Facebook: Suzee Beez Cheez

Temecula Valley Honey Company’s fresh honey, dates from Duvall, and goat cheese spreads from Drake Family Farms are always abundant. 

They have many flavors of honey including avocado, orange, mountain sage, buckwheat, wildflower, and cinnamon. Bee pollen, honey comb, and bees wax can also be purchased.

Every week you can find Shay and Elijah at Saturday Morning’s Farmers’ Market and the Thursday’s Market Night in Redlands, CA. Suzee Beez and Cheez can also be found at numerous other farmers’ markets including Palm Desert on Wednesday, San Jacinto on Thursday, Kaiser Hospital in Riverside on Friday, Palm Springs on Saturday, and La Quinta on Sunday.

goat cheese spreads    fresh honey

Gaytan Family Farm

Gaytan Family Farm

Contact Person: Omar or Claudia (at Market Night) or Maricela

Phone Number: 951-660-5645

Location (city, county): Perris, Riverside County

Social Media: Facebook: Gaytan Family Farm

Gaytan Family Farm has been around for 14 years and in that time they have grown varieties of some of our favorite produce and brought it to the Redlands Market Night.

They have 15 employees all of which are family members. Like many of the other farmers you find at the market, Gaytan Family Farm started as a continuation of what parents and grandparents did... grow food and farm. They farm many plots of land and these plots are located throughout both Riverside and San Bernardino County. Depending on the location, they grow various produce. For example, in Perris they grow vegetables and some strawberries while in Santa Maria they grow raspberries.

They currently have broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green onion, beets, carrots, asparagus, kale, and lettuces. In the next few months they will have zucchini, watermelon, corn, cantaloupe, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, and both hot and bell peppers.

Not only do they participate at Market Night but also at numerous other farmers' markets such as those in Victorville, Santa Ana, Temecula, and Huntington Beach.

Gaytan Family Farm does everything with love. They want customers to enjoy the freshest produce possible.

Gaytan Family Farm


Buenrostro Farm

Buenrostro Farm

Contact Person: Ricardo or Manuel (at Farmers' Market) or Juan Buenrostro

Phone Number: 909-246-1134

Location (city, county): Mentone, San Bernardino County

Juan and his family have been in the farming business all their lives. Setting down roots in Mentone and the surrounding areas they began Buenrostro Farm.

Buenrostro Farm is 15 years old and has plots of land in three locations: 8 and 10 acres in Mentone, 4 acres in Perris, and 10 acres in Nuevo, CA. Throughout these three sites they grow a combination of lettuces, chard, cauliflower, onion, leek, peas, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, celery, cilantro, and asparagus. They hope to eventually begin producing potatoes.

Walking through their Mentone location, it was impressive to see the amount that they grow… and to learn that they do almost everything by hand. The entire family puts all of their time and energy into growing some of the best produce around and in bringing it to our communities.

They face little difficulty when it comes to growing aside from those that are connected to weather. Like many farmers, they have to worry about loss due to either extreme heat or cold. Strawberries and tomatoes are the most difficult for them to grow simply because any drastic change in temperature can cause the plants to lose flowers and therefore fruit.

You can find Buenrostro at many farmers’ markets including Torrance, East LA, Victorville, West Hollywood, Laguna Hills, Kaiser in Riverside, Gardena, Joshua Tree, Studio City, Palos Verdes, Toluca Lake, and more.

 Buenrostro Farm

Gilbert Ranch

D.R. holding pig at Gilbert Ranch

Contact Person: Christian (at Farmers' Market) or D.R.

Phone Number: 909-556-1208

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

D.R. grew up in Montana and has always worked towards making things better, a philosophy he puts to work with the citrus and avocado groves that make up Gilbert Ranch.

D.R., his wife, and his two sons manage 10 acres of land consisting of citrus and avocado trees. His home has a beautiful view of the San Gorgonio Mountain range framed by citrus trees on the left and avocado trees on the right. This view is shared by the family along with their extended family of two dogs, a handful of chickens, and two pigs.

Their farm consists of 10 acres of land that is divided between growing citrus (such as mandarins, navel oranges, tangerines, Meyer and eureka lemons, and pummelos) and avocados (with varieties such as Bacon, Hass, Pinkerton, and Zutano). They also have a macadamia tree, jujubes, and a future design to plant passion fruit trees.

Growing citrus can be draining on a farm because of the input required. A huge concern for citrus farmers, D.R. included, is that raised by the Asian citrus psyllid. This concern and the lower market price for citrus have led D.R. to plan for the conversion of his citrus groves to avocado groves.

The groves that D.R. and his family care for were originally owned by the Wallace family. Since becoming a part of the Gilbert family, the groves have been cleaned up and the fruit has made its way into farmers’ market. D.R. has one family that sells for him and they participate in L.A., Palm Springs, and our Thursday farmers’ market.

Gilbert Ranch


Segura Ranch

Contact Person: Christian 

Location (city, county): Fresno, Fresno County

Phone: (951) 295-5566

A farm that is 70 years old has many reasons for being one of our favorites.

Segura Ranch has been in operation for 70 years yet they have only been at the local Farmers' markets for 11 to 12 years. We are truly lucky to have their presence at out Saturday Morning Farmers' Market. On 20 acres of land they grow their various stonefruits- peaches, nectarines, pluots, and plums; and on 5 acres they grow their grapes. Even with all of this land, they still hope to expand! They are looking to expand their farm by purchasing 6 or 7 acres for oranges andavocadoes.

This is a family farm and Christian has been helping since he was 10 years old. Every Saturday Christian brings fresh citrus, stonefruits, and other produce to market. Currently Segura Ranch has yellow and white peaches, the first of their grapes crop, black cat plums, and pluots. When we move into Autumn, expect grapes, apples, and perhaps even Cherimoya- a unique fruit that has the taste of pineapple and banana!

Open to the public for U-pick, call to come by Segura Ranch and fill your bags with delicious seasonal fruits. They also have a produce stand that is open 7 days a week. They can also be found at many other farmers' markets: Kaiser in Fontana and Ontario, Yucaipa farmers' market, Grand Terrace's market, Arrowhead Hospital's, and the Covina and West Covina market.

fresh peaches from Segura Ranch    fresh cherries from Segura Ranch

Soffel Farm

Ron and Holly of Soffel Farm

Contact Person: Ron or Holly Soffel

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County


Social Media: Facebook: Soffel Farms Instagram: soffel_farms

Soffel Farms is a family run business established over sixty years ago. 

When having any interaction with Soffel Farms you can always count on developing a long lasting personal relationship with everyone in the family.

Their main specialty is in honey bees, which ranges from pollination, honey, beeswax, to pollen. Their main product is raw, local honey. However at their farm you can also find fresh eggs and various seasonal fruits and vegetables such as avocados, oranges, blueberries, squash, pumpkins, and more.

Unique to their farm and a specialty here in Redlands, is their U-pick blueberries. Offered once blueberries are ripe, U-pick opens up their farm to the community.

Soffel Farms can be found at both the Downtown Redlands’ Market Night and at the Saturday Morning Farmers’ Market.

fresh blueberries from Soffel Farm

Hernandez Farm

Hernandez Farm

Contact Person: Zenaida Quintero

Location: Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County and Nipomo, San Luis Obispo County

Phone: (805) 863-3221

Walking down either Market Night of the Saturday Morning Farmers' Market, you will always catch a whiff of the sweet scent of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries... and that is when you know you've found Hernandez Berry Farm!

In business for almost 6 years, this farm has grown to the size of about 9 acres when their two properties are combined. This is a family business that also employs over 14 employees and still plans to expand. Looking to go further into Northern California, Sanchez Berry Farm hopes to be able to acquire land to grow citrus, melons, and grapes.

One can always find strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Around March, raspberries will also be available. Sanchez Berry Farm can always be found at the Redlands Saturday Morning Farmers' Market and Thursday Market Night. They can also be found at Temecula's Old Town Market, Big Bear's Market, and the Victorville Farmers' Market.

fresh berries from Hernandez Farm

Arriaga Flowers

fresh Sunflowers from Arriaga Flowers

Contact Person: Juan Arriaga

Location (city, county): Riverside County

Every Thursday you can find beautiful flowers from Arriaga Flowers

A part of Thursday's Market Night for many years, Arriaga Flowers continues to be the farm to visit when looking for colorful floral arrays.

If you visit this season you'll find some of the largest sunflowers around, yellow and white daisies, carnations of pink and red, and more!

fresh flowers from Arriaga Flowers

Farquhar Farms

Farquhar Farms sign

Contact Person: Monte or Cynthia Farquhar

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: 909-648-4058 (Monte) or 909-648-4059 (Cynthia)


Farquhar Farms started in 1886 and has continued, generation after generation, to bring fresh Redlands citrus and avocados to Redlands Market Night.

When you come out to Market Night and walk into the farmers' section, there is one farm that you will surely recognize. Either you will have known Monte Farquhar from your past visit or maybe you just remember the delicious citrus and avocados that he brings every week.

Farquhar Farm has been a part of the Redlands Market Night since it began in 1988. The Farquhar Family came to California from Ohio in 1880 and settled in Redlands California. They planted groves of oranges and with the passing of years, planted avocados and other vegetables.

They participate in many farmers' markets and also have a stand located on Wabash and 5th Avenue n Redlands.

fresh citrus from Farquhar Farms