Municipal Utilities & Engineering

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Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department plans, builds, and maintains Redlands' physical and environmental infrastructure for the residents, businesses and visitors of the City, making it a sustainable and desirable place to live, work, invest, and visit.

Utilities Customer Service

The primary purpose of the Customer Service Division is to provide accurate and timely customer, billing and collection services for the water, wastewater and solid waste utilities of the City, in addition to billing services for street cleaning and household hazardous waste services provided by other departments within the City.

Visit our Customer Service Portal here

Bids and Requests for Proposals

The city uses PlanetBids to publish their Bids and Requests for Proposals.

Visit the PlanetBids page here.

Capital Improvement Program

The capital improvement program of the Engineering Division includes engineering and contract administration for major projects for streets, storm drains, parks, and various public buildings.

Find out more about the Capital Improvement Program here.

Design & Construction Guidelines

The City of Redlands Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department “Standard Specifications and Detail Drawings for Design and Construction of Public Improvements” (PW Standards) contains the necessary design guidelines for use by engineers and designers, and all Redlands specific construction standards for use in conjunction with the “Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction” and the “Standard Plans for Public Works Construction” (Greenbook).

Guidelines and standards can be downloaded here.

Downtown Reinvestment Program

These physical improvements help to achieve the overarching goal of the Downtown Reinvestment Program of promoting Downtown Redlands as an aesthetically pleasing, pedestrian friendly destination for citizens, businesses and visitors.

Find out more about the Downtown Reinvestment Program today!


The Engineering Division handle administration, project design and development and private development review.

Find out more about the Engineering Division here.

Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission

Through the individual and collective expertise of its members, the Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission advises the Municipal Utilities and Public Works Engineering Department regarding the public acceptability of proposed plans, programs, and projects.

Find out more about the Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission here.

Private Development

The processing of development projects is administered through the Redlands Community Development Department. However, off-site improvement plans for street construction, storm drain, and traffic signals, along with record maps are reviewed and checked by the Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department.

Find out more about Private Development procedures here.

Traffic and Parking Requests

Traffic requests are referred to the Traffic and Parking Commission. The requests can involve any type of concern regarding traffic, including stop signs, speed limits, potential hazard areas or other concerns. The Commission makes recommendations to the Council.

Find out more about Traffic and Parking Requests here.

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