Human Resources

The City of Redlands employs over 500 full and part-time employees in a variety of job classifications. Our employees are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to the local community in areas of law enforcement, fire, medical and emergency management, recreation, library services, community development, redevelopment, municipal utilities and engineering, legal and financial record keeping, road maintenance, waste management and much more!

Claims Against the City

The City's Risk Management Division is committed to thoroughly investigating and responding to claims filed against the City for allegations of misconduct, negligence, or wrongdoing.

To file a claim against the City, please continue to this page

Insurance Requirements

The City of Redlands is proud to conduct business with its various vendors, and serve as a potential host for you next event.

Please review the information on this page to see if you meet our insurance needs.

Safety Program

The City of Redlands is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees and residents.

Please review our safety programs and policies for more information.

Special Events Insurance

The City of Redlands offers Special Events Insurance for individuals utilizing City facilities for their events through Alliant's Special Events Insurance Program.

To obtain a quote for coverage, please continue to this page for more information.

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