Standing Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees


Minor Exception Permit Committee

Meets on an as needed basis
Staff Liaison: TBD
909-798-7555 ext. 2

Agenda Meeting 6.18.19

Utilities Advisory Committee

UAC Special Meeting Agenda - June 20 2019
UAC PowerPoint Presentation from June 13 2019
UAC Regular Meeting Agenda - June 13 2019 (Meeting #3)
UAC PowerPoint Presentation from May 30 2019
UAC Regular Meeting Minutes - May 30 2019
UAC Regular Meeting Agenda - May 30 2019 (Meeting #2)
UAC Special Meeting Minutes - May 16 2019
UAC PowerPoint Presentation from May 16 2019 Special Meeting
UAC Meeting #1 Recording May 16 2019
UAC Special Meeting Agenda - May 16 2019 (Meeting #1)

Links below to reports for water and wastewater rate study completed in 2016.

March 15 2016 Final Rate Study Report
January 19 2016 Proposed water and sewer rate increases - City Council Agenda Item L5

Proposition 218 Information
Links to water masterplan and sewer masterplan

Chapter 3.41 of the City of Redlands Municipal Code requires water and wastewater utility rates to be reviewed bi-annually by a Utility Advisory Committee (UAC). The primary goal of the UAC is to recommend water and wastewater rates for all utility customers based upon the cost of service and are in compliance with all state and federal laws. 
The UAC is comprised of 7 volunteers who are current City water and wastewater utility customers representing various customer classes.

The City Council appointed the following members of the community to serve a two-year term on the 2019 UAC:

Christine Roque
John James
Jonathan Corbridge
Richard Corneille
Michael TenEyck
Ernest Marquez, Jr. 
Richard Smith

Staff Liaison:  Jane Weathers, 
909-798-7698 ext. 4145,

Joint City Council / Citrus Preservation Commission Subcommittee

Purpose of developing a recommendation to the City Council regarding the replanting of Prospect Park
Meets on an as needed basis

Council Representatives: Paul Foster, Jon Harrison
Citrus Preservation Commission Representatives: Peter Buoye, Jack Steward
Staff Liaison: Chris Boatman

Agenda - Ad-hoc Special Meeting Agenda of 03/30/2015

City Council Appointed Ad Hoc Committees

These committees are established by the Council and are comprised of two representatives meeting in limited duration, with staff support, and are not subject to the Brown Act

FY 2018/2019 Budget Sub Committee
Committee Members: Mayor Foster, Council Member Toni Momberger, City Treasurer Robert Dawes
Meets on an as needed basis

Agenda - Meeting of 5-7-18

FY 2018-19 Budget

General Plan Steering Committee

Further information can be found here


Parklet Committee

Parklet Pilot Program (Established by Resolution No. 7340)
Meets on an as needed basis

Agenda - Meeting of 4-8-15
Agenda - Meeting of 4-1-15
Agenda - Meeting of 10-29-14
Agenda - Meeting of 10-8-14
Agenda - Meeting of 10-1-14

4-8-15 Parklet Committee Minutes
4-1-15 Parklet Committee Minutes
10-29-14 Parklet Committee Minutes
10-8-14 Parklet Committee Minutes

10-1-14 Parklet Committee Minutes


Oversight Board Documents

Further information can be found here