MSRC Bike Lanes

The City of Redlands Presents Completion of:
San Bernardino Avenue Texas Street to Wabash Avenue
Olive Avenue Terracina Boulevard to Center Street
Alabama Street Barton Road to Park Avenue
Dearborn Street 5th Avenue to Lugonia Avenue
Terracina Boulavard Barton Road to Olive Avenue

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Page riding your bike in one of the newly installed Class II Bike Lanes.
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New bike lanes are open to the public with the recent completion of the MSRC Class II Bike Lane Project.
The new bike lanes are located on San Bernardino Avenue from Texas Street to Wabash Avenue, Olive Avenue
from Terracina Boulevard to Center Street, Alabama Street from Barton Road to Park Avenue, Dearborn
Street from 5th Avenue to Lugonia Avenue and Terracina Boulavard from Barton Road to Olive Avenue.
Bicyclist are able to enjoy the newly installed on-street bike lanes giving them a delineated path of travel.
Funding for the bike lanes was made possible through the assistance of Air Quality Management District/s
(AQMD) Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) and their local government match
program. The newly installed bike lanes will continue the City/s effort in creating a bicycle friendly
environment, encouraging residents and visitors alike to ride their bikes more frequently resulting in a
healthier environment for all